Fashion Friday: Spring Sandals

Now that the weather is finally going to stay warm, I figured why not show off your newest pedicure with some spring sandals, with a variety of price points.  I ordered a pair of gold Jack Rogers sandals right after Christmas because they were on such a great sale that I couldn’t resist, and now I get to finally wear them.  And the best part…the more sun I get on my feet, the better the sandals will look.  I’m sure y’all agree that this happens with all of your sandal-wearing feet too!  Love that warm sun!

Ugh, why do I do this to myself!  
I choose all these lovelies and want to purchase them all!
In my dreams I guess…

BTW:  I ended up getting Watch #2 of the Michael Kors watches and LOVE it!  I have already received so many compliments on it, so I must have chosen the right one.  Thanks so much for all of your help and opinions.  Hopefully I’ll be wearing it for many years to come!

4 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Spring Sandals

  1. Am new to your blog and I am loving it! Great sandal picks! So glad that it is finally warm enough to enjoy them!

    PS: Your daughters are precious!

  2. What a great way to ring in summer! Girl, I'll take one of each please. Size 9 😉

    Happy Weekend Dear!

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