Fashion Friday: Spring Fever Must-Haves

From what I’m hearing and reading, spring has definitely hit not just this region, but ALL the states this week.  And what better way to enjoy this wonderful weather, than with some great must-have pieces to add to your spring/summer wardrobe.

Shorts, in a variety of bright colors are what I wear all spring/summer long, if I’m not in a bathing suit.  They’re so easy to throw on with a neutral top (tan, white, black, or navy).

How great are these neutral Tory Burch flip flops?  I used to wear Rainbows, but with all the wear and tear they would get at the pool, beach, etc. during the summer months, I decided to get something a little more waterproof.  For the last two summers I’ve worn tan Havainas, but was a little sad last summer when the strap busted mid-“pool time”.  I’m hoping these Tory Burch ones will be a better quality, and last longer too.

Trust me, you’ll use these ALL spring and summer long.  Why not own some cute ones?
Add a great playlist, a good beer, fun friends, good grub to grill, and a fresh rain (to wash away the pollen), and SPRING can officially begin!  Can y’all add any other must-haves to the list?
What are y’all up to this weekend?  We’re celebrating my sister (#3 of the 6) and her fiancé tonight, at their engagement party.  Tomorrow night, we’re celebrating my sister’s (#5 of the 6) birthday.  And on Sunday, Little L is getting baptized at our church.  A fun-filled weekend, with lots of basketball too!

10 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Spring Fever Must-Haves

  1. Love all your picks! And I just tried on Havianas for the first time at Nordy's this week, but they weren't comfy on me. So I decided to opt for the TB flip flops for beach and pool-but I can't decide which color to get-black, tan, or a patterned sole one?? I did order the TB Thoras, love them!! Have you ever tried Eliza B. flip flops? I checked on her site and omg, you can design your own from tons of different fabrics, ribbons, etc.!

  2. What a great weekend! Enjoy all of your fun family celebrations. 🙂

    I love wearing shorts during the summer, especially the J.Crew chinos and Lilly Callahans.

  3. All so cute, but love the Tory Burch flip flops! My husband and I are both Carolina alumni, so we will be glued to the tv tonight…happy Friday ~

  4. I swear you are the busiest person I know!! You forgot to mention that you have your house for sale (have you sold it yet?) AND that you are running around chasing three kids while looking fabulous the whole time. Did I mention blogging every day? Whew! You are one amazing lady! Happy Friday!! Congrats on L's Baptism! Hope to see pics!

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