Fashion Friday: SATC2 Pre-Screening Party

What a fun way to spend a Wednesday night!  I went with one of my best friends, Ashley, that I hadn’t seen in over two months (since her wedding!), so it was great to catch-up, while enjoying the festivities at this fun event.  Here’s a little sampling, in photos.  Again, I apologize for the poor quality of the photos.  I brought my smaller camera, and it’s not half as good as my Canon.  In addition, I would have taken a trillion more pics, but my camera died just as we were getting creative with the picture-taking.  Haha.

The event was held at a swanky restaurant called Dressler’s.  I met the owner that night and he’s the nicest guy.  He was all spiffed up in a tuxedo for the event.  So cute!  He was having a great time, but was a little bummed because his 7-year old was playing in a baseball game that night, and he had to miss it.

Upon our arrival, a server greeted us with Cosmos. A perfect start to the night.
I went with this Beth Bowley dress instead, as it was a little more dressier than the Lilly, and more fitting for the event.

I didn’t want to freak this lady out by taking a photo of her, but do you see the gorgeous lady on the right of me?  
Carrie wears a very similar pink dress in the movie.

Drink #2?  Lemon Drops!

Yes, camels were at the event too.  No riding them though.  That would have been a sight!  
Tipsy ladies trying to get on camels?  It definitely would have been entertaining, that’s for sure!

The red carpet at the event.  Don’t you love Ashley’s flower brooch?

And just when we were getting artsy, my camera died.  ๐Ÿ™  These were called Blond Ambitions, and were by far the best drink of the night.  They had a pineapple taste.  Yum!


As for the movie, here are a couple of my favorite parts.  These are vague on purpose, not to spoil any surprises for those of you who have yet to watch it.

–  You’ll never guess who gets married!

–  I know you’ve seen Liza Minnelli in the previews, but wait until you see what song she dances to.
    It’s hilarious, but awesome at the same time.  Lets just say, I was very impressed.

–  I’m hoping never to hire a nanny like Charlotte’s.  You’ll see why, when you watch.

–  The next “it” piece of jewelry will be Carrie’s diamond encrusted/pave four-leaf clover necklace.  A
    little large for my taste, but of course it looks good on her.

–  Samantha’s flame in this one is just as hot as all her others.  She also doesn’t disappoint in this sequel.
    One word:  HILARIOUS!

–  Loved the soundtrack!

–  One of my favorite scenes:  Charlotte and Miranda’s conversation, over cocktails of course – way too
    many cocktails!  It was priceless!

If you’re heading out to watch it this weekend.  You’re in for a real treat!  I’m headed to the beach, and hoping for some beautiful weather.  Whatever your plans are, hope y’all have a great time!

Happy Memorial Day!
Remember to say a prayer for all of those serving/served,
who have shaped our country into what it is today.

32 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: SATC2 Pre-Screening Party

  1. Looks like you had so much fun! I am completely jealous of you… as far as I know we had nothing like that around here. I don't know any one here, and I dont think I can drag the boy to the movie so I could possibly going to see it solo. Those drinks look to die for!

    Here is the blonde ambition recipe if you want it. It's Samantha's signature cocktail for Sex and the City 2

    2 oz. SKYY Infusionsยฎ Pineapple
    1 oz. Fresh Lime Juice
    0.75 oz. Triple Sec
    0.75 oz. Crรจme de Cacao

    Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake vigorously and strain into martini glass. Garnish with a lime wedge.

  2. Glad you had fun and love your outfit! Really cute earrings and dress!! I saw the movie last night! Loved it!

  3. You're RIGHT. I am even more excited to see it! And you looked gorgeous. Love the dress! p.s. We blog rolled you. : )

  4. Your dress is adorable as are the earrings you wore with it. Love how you pulled you hair back, too. Very classy.

    I am busting a gut over the camels. How funny! The drinks look delicious, especially the Lemon Drops. I must give them a try.

    Looking forward to seeing the movie. Now if I could only find the time. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Your dress and earrings are so cute, and I LOVE that cocktail ring!! Looks like you had a blast. FYI, Pinkberry is soooo good. I am interested to hear what you think when you get one.

    Have a great looong weekend!


  6. Ashley, you look gorgeous! Your dress and earrings are so pretty and perfect for this event. I cannot get over the fun cocktail and the CAMEL!!!!! Have a great weekend at the beach! I'm planning on being at the beach this weekend too and of course seeing SATC2. ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. Oh my gosh – you look so great! I love your dress!! I am seeing the movie this weekend and can't wait! I'm so excited and I'm glad to hear that you liked it so much!

    Have a great weekend at the beach!

  8. How much fun was that party girl?!!! I LOVE your dress…perfection! I loved the Sountrack also. That wedding!!! Liza's song!!! Charlotte's pocketbooks!!! I need to go see it again:)

  9. Hey Ashley, I found your blog through Lazaro. Thanks for your sweet comment. Oh, and I'm glad you had a nice time with your friend-it's good to stay connected and not let absences linger on too long.
    By the way, I was born and raised in Atlanta, but, unfortunately, my Southern manners are pretty much nonexistent (smile)…

  10. Hi sweet Ashley! What an awesome party, you looked STUNNING, very Charlotte indeed my dear girl! The cocktails look fabulous, yum yum I could go for one now (it is after 5 heehee!) I am really glad you enjoyed the film, I can't wait to see it this weekend!

    Have a blast at the beach honey and kiss those baby girls for me! I loved the picture from your giveaway of sweet little E with her babydoll!! xoxoxox

  11. Took in the film last night with my very own "Mr. Big." How sweet that was as he was one of seven in the jam-packed theater! Kuddos to him for a slammin' great date night. Din-din at Flemmings….fantastic wine first….great seats at the movie AND a surprise box of delicious chocolate truffles. Boy do I love that man or what? You hi-lited the great points without GIVING it away! xoxo

  12. I've just discovered your blog via Little Blue Deer, and my goodness I love it! It looks like you had a ball at the SATC2 event!! We are still waiting for it to be released in Australia ๐Ÿ™

    I'm now following ๐Ÿ™‚ Hazel

  13. How much fun! You looked gorgeous in your beautiful green dress and fantastic earrings. The drinks look very tasty and I cannot get over the fact that they brought in camels for the event! I haven't gotten to see the movie yet – going this Friday with some girlfriends – but I downloaded the soundtrack on iTunes and I am LOVING it!

  14. I love your dress – you look absolutely gorgeous! The event sounds fabulous, and I CANNOT wait to see the movie… (I skipped over the very end in case it revealed any movie secrets – hehe.) ๐Ÿ˜‰ So happy you had such a good time!

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