Fashion Friday: Rue La La

I know I’ve written about Rue La La before, but the deal just got sweeter.  First of all, if you’ve never used Rue La La before, you should!  Basically, it’s “the destination for 2-day-only Boutiques, filled with the designers we love at private sale prices. It’s free, fabulous, and invitation-only. Click HERE for your free invitation, from me!  The boutique is always free, and there’s no other responsibility on your part – shop if you want, or not.  There’s never a time when you have to start paying monthly, or anything.  It’s always FREE! 

Right now, until 10/25 if you join Rue La La (again it’s free, no questions asked), you get a $20 credit, to spend any way you want at Rue La La.  The only catch, you have to spend the $20 before December 31st.  Now how difficult will that be?  I wish I could have taken advantage of this deal, but I’m already a member. 

Oh, and even better, and this offer is unlimited:  Every time you refer someone to Rue La La, and they actually buy something, you get a $10 credit!  If you want an idea of the great deals, click here for an old post of how I saved on Rue La La.  And here’s what sales are going on today:  Jack Rogers, Riedel (wine glasses), Ray-Ban (entire boutique is already sold out), etc..  Michael Stars is one of the boutiques that will begin on Sunday.

A quick note:  If you really like a boutique, be glued to your screen at 11:00 of that day, so that you can add items quickly to your shopping bag.  The more popular the boutique, the faster is sells!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, with hopefully, beautiful weather.  The hubs is hunting in Georgia for the weekend, so it will be just us girls!  A weekend of relaxation is much-needed!

2 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Rue La La

  1. I love RueLaLa and have gotten some wonderful things. Returns are a breeze with them. I also like that there is no additional shipping charge for each item you purchase.

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