Fashion Friday (Part 2): Havaianas + OOTD

Have y’all heard of Havaianas?  I swear I wear them all summer long.  In college, my go-to flip flops were always Rainbows, but every time I got water on them, they’d turn my feet a weird orange color, and then they’d take forever to dry back out…and then eventually they started cracking in places.  Sound familiar?

Brooke Burke and her kiddos all sporting Havaianas
Rachel Bilson in gold Havaianas

Well, that’s when I started shopping for more of a trusty, water-proof sandal, that I could wear to the pool, yet were durable and comfortable enough that I could wear them around town, and would last a long time.  That’s when I found Havaianas, and have been wearing them ever since…

My favorite style by far are the thin-strapped ones, especially the more neutral colors, like my gold ones.  They go with everything.  But the colored ones are fun too!  A couple of years ago, different designers created prints for Havaianas, and I had these, that Trish McEvoy created…

Well, I accidentally left them on the beach one day, and when I went back out to get them, they were gone.  I guess someone liked them as much as I did.

Havaianas just launched new styles for 2013.  Here a few of my favorites…

I’m seriously thinking of ordering these today!  Love the fun color combination for summer!
Okay, I lied…I might be ordering these today…or maybe both these and the purple/pink ones!

Click here to check out all of the new arrivals!  The best part about ordering straight from Havaianas is that they have a large variety of styles and colors, and they also offer a flat rate fee of $1 for shipping!

Do y’all have Havainas?  Do you like them as much as I do?
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In my previous post, I commented about my newest Baublebar piece.  Here’s how I wore it today…

Happy Friday, Y’all!

8 thoughts on “Fashion Friday (Part 2): Havaianas + OOTD

  1. I love Havaianas! I have the same issue with the rainbows, they're the best (onve they'er broken in) but really are awful if you get caught in the rain (and forget about the pool or beach). I also kive in the Tory Burch rubber flip-flops at the pool at the pool and beach. They really hold up well!

  2. Yes love Havianas and switched to them from Rainbows for the same reason, actually because of your posts last Spring!! I love the TB ones too, I wear those for everyday and the Havianas for the beach/pool. Love the animal print ones!

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