Fashion Friday: OOTD from Summer & A Baby Shower + Favorites Lately


Lilly Pulitzer Vivi Top (old, similar HERE) // Sam Edelman Gable Sandals (old, very similar style and currently on sale, HERE) // Ray-Ban New Classic Aviators // Michael Kors Watch // J.Crew 3″ Chino Shorts (25% off with code: HAPPYSHOPPING) // Essie Fiji // Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Perfume // Fornash Zebra Bracelet // J.Crew Pearl Studs (25% off with code: HAPPYSHOPPING)
So this isn’t a recent OOTD, it’s actually from last July, but I’m seriously dreaming of weather like this, on a daily basis.  Today, we have freezing rain and it’s 35 degrees out.  All next week we’re supposed to have sun and upper 60s.  Fingers crossed it stays for good, and only warms up from there!
Tomorrow, I’m attending a baby shower for one of my sisters (#5 of the 6 girls), and I’ll get to wear my new J.Crew Camille Dress in Venetian Green.  I’m determined to go sleeveless!  P. S. It’s also currently 25% off with code: HAPPYSHOPPING.
And the accessories…
J.Crew Tiny Flowers Necklace (25% off sale price with code: HAPPYSHOPPING) // Kate Spade Marmalade Studs // J.Crew Pave Links Bracelet, 25% off with code: HAPPYSHOPPING (also available HERE) // Michael Kors Watch // J.Crew Teddie Satchel (currently 25% off with code: HAPPYSHOPPING) // 3-Piece Baby Gift Set // Essie Fiji // Tory Burch Caroline Flats
Should be a fun Saturday!  And many of my sisters will be attending the shower, as well!
Can’t wait to see them!
And a little more of what’s been going on this past week…
Last Thursday, I finally got my greys covered yet again.  It will always be an ongoing process for me.  P. S. Although these Caroline Flats in Dust Storm are currently sold out, Tory Burch just released a new color that is very similar.  Check them out here.
Perfect-Fit Long-Sleeve Tee (currently only $15) // Cheers Tee (old, similar HERE, and 25% off with code: HAPPYSHOPPING)
I absolutely LOVED the result!  And the waves she created are amazing.  Next time I go in, I’m determined to learn how to do these myself!
Hunter Tall Rain Boots in Lipstick Pink // J.Crew Teddie Satchel (currently 25% off with code: HAPPYSHOPPING) // Black Logo Bag (Lululemon’s newest shopping tote) // Essie Find Me an Oasis
The rain is still sticking around.  Sometime I feel like we live in Seattle.  Here’s hoping it clears up soon!
In addition to the Camille dress, this comfy Camo Sweatshirt is my other favorite from J.Crew so far this year, and it’s currently 25% off with code: HAPPYSHOPPING.  If you’ve purchased anything in the last seven days, call 1.800.562.0258, tell them your order number, and they’ll gladly give you a price adjustment.
 I know I’ve had some readers request a shot of me in my J.Crew Swing Sweater.  Here’s one from this week at The Discovery Place.  For reference, I’m a 4/6 and wear an XS.  And the Twine & Twig necklaces should be carried online very soon.  I’ll be sure and let you know when they do!
L is wearing Old Navy Camo Pants.  I liked them so much, I got them in three colors.  They’re so comfortable, and I love that the waistband is elastic and not too tight.
I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend.
Carolina plays Duke on Saturday night, 9pm!  Will you be watching?

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  1. Oh I love that Lulu shopping tote!! I think we are going home to MD this month so I'll have to stop in the Annapolis one and do a little damage to get one!!!! I also love the tshirt!!!

  2. I wish I could magically make my hair look like how they do at the salon. Of course, I normally have about a twenty mint window to fix it, so it isn't going to happen!

  3. too funny i just found your blog because i too have 5 sisters and no brothers and i was planning to wear that same green dress to my #5 sister's baby shower this weekend. i've never heard of anyone else having 6 girls and no boys in their family . thanks for help styling the green dress!

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