Fashion Friday: Old Navy Coats and Decorating the Tree

A few weeks ago, I posted about Old Navy’s sale on winter coats here.  Here’s the one I finally decided on…

Very festive, although I think I can wear it after the Christmas holidays, as well.


Our very own Cindy Lou Who was speechless upon seeing the Christmas tree in our den, after her afternoon nap, last Saturday…

Can I touch it?

A true season of innocence and wonder.

Before the ornaments…

…and after (notice the absence of ornaments at the bottom of the tree – we didn’t want the girls pulling off the fragile ones).  When I was five, the Christmas tree fell on me when I was trying to get to an ornament.  I was okay, and the only ornament that broke was my porcelain bell from when I was born.  So far the girls haven’t touched the tree, we’re dumbfounded – guess the girls just know.  Thank goodness!

W loves one of her new little friends in our playgroup.  She constantly wants to hold him.  She never did that with E.  Guess it’s just the age, or that G is so huggably cute and sweet!  Love Baby G!  
At dinner the other night, E got a piece of ham stuck on her chin.
W yells, “Look, Mama, E looks like Noah!”
W got this car last year for Christmas, and now E has finally figured out to get into it.
It’s now her favorite toy!
Happy Baby!
Happy Friday, Y’all!
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
My sister (#3 of the 6) is running a marathon tomorrow, here in town, so we’ll be out with mimosas at my parents’ house tomorrow morning, cheering all the runners on!  Good luck, Coco!  Love you!

22 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Old Navy Coats and Decorating the Tree

  1. So adorable! You have you own Cindy Lou Who, us too? We call GG that when she wakes up with that crazy Cindy Lou Who hair!

    GG has both of those pj sets that your girls are wearing! I just love kiddie pajamas, so cute!

    Your girls are just precious! Don't you just love the way they look at the lights and decorations on the tree…it's just magical!

    Good luck to sis #3 tomorrow! That's amazing!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Your girls are such cuties and I love the "Can I touch it" pic. Your tree is gorgeous as well, I loved doing colored lights when my lil'bit was little.

  3. your girls are TOO cute. we always wire our tree to the wall each year. it fell on my two year old sister ONCE and that was enough for my mom and dad to put some screws in the wall and pull out some wire. you can barely see it, too, because we do it in the back of the tree!

  4. I actually work at Old Navy, and if you really want that coat in that color, you should call and put it on hold, those coats fly like hot cakes!! l0l. btw: ♥ your blog..follow me please!!!

  5. Oh my goodness, E really looks like our side of the family in that pic with the ham on her chin…can't decide who she looks like most? Is it CoCo??

    Have fun cheering on the runners! Yell a "Go CoCo for me please!"

  6. Adore your new coat! My absolute favorite coat (and I've got plenty. and some were really expensive) is a grey one from Old Navy. I wear it almost every day.

    The girls = absolute presh. I cannot wait until I have little ones to be "wowed" by Christmas Trees and such 🙂

  7. I love the look on "W's" face when she first spots the tree. Priceless. The girls look cute as always. Glad to hear they're leaving the tree alone. 🙂

    Good luck to your sister. I would love to run a marathon!

  8. I am dying. Your girls are just too cute for words! Stella insisted on getting the tree up and decorated 11/22- to basically hang one ornament and take off. I was left finishing all the decorations. She goes in to visit the tree (look to see if there are gifts) and heads out. Thank goodness. We have 12 2/3 year olds coming tomorrow to celebrate Stella's bday- I think I might have to rope off the tree… what do you think?

  9. Oh how exciting for your sister!! I know her excitiment! 3 CHEERS !WOOT WOOT WOOT!!!

    Those baby girls are too cute for words. I miss the days when they walked around in the cute footed pj's wahhhhhhh!

    Hope your weekend is FAB & blessed!

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