Fashion Friday: My Christmas List

Happy Friday, y’all!  Since I’ve been posting gift ideas the last couple of Fashion Fridays, I figured I might as well divulge to you some pieces that are on my wish list…

I have the small bowl, but would love it in a larger size.

Well…we actually received this pitcher for a wedding present, and the hubs decided to brew some tea IN it, and you can guess the rest of the story…it cracked as soon as he added the hot water.  So we’d love to replace it.  And you know men, the plastic pitcher was right next to it on the shelf, but he went with the super expensive pitcher instead.
Dual Screen Portable DVD Player for long trips in the car.
No extra explanation needed.
I have these in pink, and love wearing them!
They’re a little large, but that’s what makes them fun to wear!
These are the softest jackets to throw on, if you’re running out the door in a hurry.
I like to wear mine as a housecoat, to keep warm.
LOVE her products.  I don’t know what I’d do without her bronzing powder!
Okay, let’s be honest, anything from her, and I’d be a happy woman!
I’m sliiiightly addicted.
This tournament has since passed, but I’m still loving this year’s women’s towel.
It would definitely make for an original beach towel!
Emi-Jay Hair Bands
These would make great stocking stuffers!
And my dream gift?
Because there’s no way I’d ever pay for this myself…
I’ve been living off samples all year and LOVE what it does for my skin,
and how it makes my skin feel!  A girl can dream…
Oh, and y’all know I can’t live without my Lilly!  But I’m saving all of that for a later post.
But here’s a sneak peak of one of my Holiday Lilly favorites, from this season’s holiday collection…
At E’s Christmas party at school.
Lilly Pulitzer Estelle Sweater
A cashmere version of the tacky Christmas sweater!
What’s on your Christmas wish list??  I’d love to know!


Also, check out McAuley’s, a cute boutique in Anderson, South Carolina.  They’ve got prices that are hard to beat, and very trendy clothes, to boot!  Find them online, here.

This is definitely one of my favorite pieces from the store…


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Almost one week until Christmas…can you believe it?!  Good luck on getting the rest of your shopping and baking finished!  And for those traveling to visit loved ones…prayers are headed your way!

TGIF, Y’all!

8 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: My Christmas List

  1. I love all that Simon Pearce stuff!!! And I dont know what I would do with Bobbi either! I just got the black wedges of TB…I had no idea they had them in this print and now I SO want these!!! I LOVE Le Mer too, but it's so costly…oh why oh why?! Great xmas list my dear!

  2. Great list! I have been eying those Kate Spade gum drop earrings forever but figured I would probably be allergic to them. You'll have to check out my blog this weekend… I am giving away Emi-Jay hair ties! xo

  3. i think you must have those leopard wedges!

    you love la mer? I tried to love it, but i felt that it was making my skin breakout when i used. I cant deny that it does feel good in the winter though

  4. I love McAuley's in Anderson!!!! That is very close to our lake home so I sneak up there sometimes for a new dress or two! Those wedges had better be under your tree (or mine! ) love them!!!

  5. I would love anything on your Christmas list! Even the face lotion that I have never heard of before. You look gorgeous with little E!

  6. Your TB leopard shoes match my decor perfectly! I adore leopard print shoes. You have a great Christmas list! The Emi-Jay hair bands are fantastic-I got a bag full for my birthday (currently have a red one in my hair)! I have those Kate Spade earrings, but in a bright green color. You can never go wrong with more Patagonia, right? And…Bobbi can be on my list forever and ever, too. Have a great weekend!

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