Fashion Friday: More Favorites from 2014

 It’s Friday!  First off, I cannot thank y’all enough for how special you made me feel yesterday, on Instagram, Facebook, the blog, emails, texts, etc.  All the sweet messages about me, my blog, my family, all were really just too much.  I knew I had awesome readers, but it felt so good to read all of those kind, thoughtful comments.  Thanks for taking the time to write something!  I really do appreciate it so very much!  Love y’all!
Alright, now as promised, today I’m sharing with you more of my all-time favorites from 2014.  If you missed my Top 10 Favorites from 2014 post, check it out here.  While I was trying to narrow down my list of favorites to only ten, I realized that there were others that almost made the cut.  Here are more products I love.  These would all make wonderful gifts for you or someone you love.
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Lanier gave me this jacket a few years ago for my birthday.  I’ve washed it a few times and it still looks brand new.  If I had to pick one favorite winter weather jacket, I’d pick this one.  It has the lightest weight, yet is super insulating.  Like I can grab it walking out the door to get the kids to school with only a t-shirt on, and if it’s in the 30s, I’m still warm.  Trust me, this jacket is worth the investment.  I have the blue color above, but all the colors are pretty!
Since we’re talking Patagonia, my go-to raincoat is this black Patagonia one, and I love my Better Sweater Jacket.  It appears that many people do, as they have a hard time keeping it in stock.  I remember realizing this during the Anniversary Sale this summer.  I think the gray color sold out in a day!
Last year, I purchased a Louis Vuitton Neverfull.  I LOVE it!  But I’m crazy and still so afraid of getting it messed up, that I only used it a few times.  It was great for carrying the kids’ supplies, but I was certain I would end up spilling milk in it or something, and be devastated.  For now, it’s still resting nicely in a box in my closet, until the children are all potty-trained.  One day I’ll pull it out and fill it with my necessities, rather than diapers, wipes and sippy cups.  My solution for a diaper bag?  The Barrington Gifts St. Anne Tote.  I wish I’d had this tote when Wheeler was born.  I would’ve used it throughout all of my baby stages, and saved money on so many other diaper bags I tried.  At a fraction of the price as a Louis Vuitton, it’s perfect!  The number of pockets inside are fabulous.  There’s a wide selection of prints you can choose, and the nylon fabric on the outside wipes clean.  Plus, you can have it personalized for only $5.  Do yourself a favor, and get one!
Marc By Marc Jacobs Crossbodycurrently on sale!
This bag has been my go-to when I’m not using my Barrington Gifts Tote.  I have other clutches and crossbodies that I enjoy wearing too, but this black one just seems to be the one I use the most.  For one thing, it’s black so it goes with everything, it’s flat, so it doesn’t stick out when you wear it, and you can adjust the length of the strap.  All winners in my book.  One of my sisters is getting this for Christmas because she liked mine so much.
Kindleon sale!
My parents gave Lanier and I both Kindles a few years ago.  I go back and forth on which I like better, reading actual books or books on a Kindle.  Sometimes I read actual books, but the Kindle is so much easier.  I know I read books faster on my Kindle, and they’re so much easier to have on hand when traveling.  When I first got it, I read Jane Eyre because the classics were all free.  I definitely read it faster on the Kindle, than holding the actual LARGE book.  I read The Sun Also Rises on the way down to the beach one year.  I can remember thinking how nice it was to have all my books I was planning on reading there, all in one place.  Another plus is that you can share books.  So if Lanier bought a book on his Kindle, it would come up on mine too.  For instance, we both read Gone Girl on our Kindles.  My parents like their Kindles for reading the paper.  You can also adjust the font, which my mom really likes.  All this talking about reading is making me want to read a book!  Maybe that’ll be my goal over the break.  I have a few I’ve started, The Goldfinch will probably be what I settle on.
Yes I know Ugg Boots aren’t the most stylish boots to wear, but I seriously still live in them when it gets cold.  If I have to run out when I’ve got work-out clothes on, I always throw them on.  They’re super comfy and cozy, and now that I found out that they have these replacement inserts, they may last me an even longer time.  If I’m staying indoors, these slippers are ALWAYS on my feet.  I just love these so much more than the loafers with backs on them.  You don’t have to worry about them slipping at all.  Lanier loves his Ugg Slippers too.  Definitely worth the price, for the comfort and mileage you get out of them.  You will not be disappointed.
These are a few of my favorites things.  Ha.  Between Nike and Lulu, this is the extent of my work-out collection.  If you want a pair of pants to suck you in, in all the right places, try a pair of Lulu Wunder Under Pants.  They fit true to size.  I wear the Run Inspire Crops and Speed Tights when I’m out running in this cold weather.  And I’m never without a Cool Racerback when I’m working out.  Once you try Lulu, you won’t go back.  My fellow Lulu addicts know what I’m talking about.  I never thought I’d like them because of the price, but last October when I tried them on for the first time, I was sold.
I love these boots so much that I have them in black, red and pink.  If you need a rain boot, get these. It’s one of the perks when it rain, that I get to wear these.  If you’re between sizes, go down a size.  A question I get asked a lot if whether I like the matte or glossy style better.  I like them both, but tend to lean toward the matte style.  I feel like the glossy ones, because they’re polished, look a little more dressed up.  I haven’t tried this on my boots yet, but Hunter also carries this Shine Sponge to keep your boots shiny.
Frye Paige Bootson sale!
Last Fall, I searched and searched for the best riding boots out there.  I found this style, and have never looked back.  The smell of that leather gets me.  And the comfort is great.  As many of you know, I purchased the Frye Carson Booties recently and can’t say enough good things about Frye Boots.  I feel like these Frye Booties are different than the Rag & Bone Newbury Booties I have because they’re not as high, and the texture on them is very different.  I guess I love both for different occasions.  Frye Boots do run big, so make sure to order at least a half size down.  I’m an 8.5 and actually wear a 7.5 in both the Paige Boots and Carson Booties.
Blousesthe one above is now on sale!
I know the Lilly Pulitzer Elsa made the Top 10 cut, but there are other blouses I love too.  Equipment,  Rebecca Taylor and Joie are also more of my favorites.  Each season, I always check out the latest prints, and decide which ones I love the most.  Sometimes if I have a feeling that a print may sell out faster, I’ll buy it full price.  Otherwise, I wait until the print I’ve had my eye on goes on sale, and order it then.  The Joie printed blouse above is one of my current favorites.  I’ve already worn it a few times this Fall.
I do love my Tory Burch Flats, but in comfort and style, I love my Tieks just as much.  They also carry a lot more colors than Tory Burch too.  They fit true to size.  If you’re between sizes, I’d say go down.  I’m an 8.5 and wear an 8 in them.  They were a tad bit tight at first, but didn’t give me blisters or anything.  They stretched out a little, so I was glad I got the smaller size.  If you’re deciding on a color, I love my Ballerina Pink ones.  They’re a great neutral color.  I also have these fabulous Electric Snakeskin ones and get lots of compliments when I wear them.  Order by noon today, to get them by Christmas Eve.
I wore these almost everyday this summer.  They’re perfect for the beach, pool, actually anywhere.  I had a hard time deciding between the green or blue ones, but ended up going with the blue ones and I’m so happy I did.  If you like the aviator-style frame, but the tear drop is too extreme for you, consider these New Classic Aviators.
Anyone need a good technology gift suggestion for Christmas?  While our children love playing on our iPads, I LOVE my laptop.  Lanier gave it to me last year for Christmas, and it was my baby then, and still is now.  I mean I use it every single day, and have NEVER (knock on wood) had any trouble with it.  It does everything I need it to, it’s super light for a laptop, and it holds so much storage.
I’m sure I’ll think of more products that I’ve forgotten to share here.  But these are all definitely my favorites for 2014.
Many sites guarantee free ground shipping and a Christmas Eve arrival, through today only!  So if you’re still shopping and don’t want to pay extra for shipping, hurry and order soon.
Need help finding a kids’ stocking stuffer, gifts under $25, a gift or two for the man in your life, click here.  You’ll find all of your Holiday Gift Guides, all in one place!
I’m so excited about today and this weekend!  Every year, I always consider my birthday as the kickoff to the holiday celebrations.  It’s always exactly one week before Christmas, and it usually falls on the last day of school before break.  The kids are all out for TWO WHOLE WEEKS, after Wheeler’s Christmas Fiesta Program and class party this afternoon.  Her class always throws the best holiday parties.  This time I think there are 60 attendees, besides the students.  Not sure her class will be able to hold all of us!  Love it!
Tomorrow, we’re celebrating Christmas with the in-laws since they’re heading out of town for the week.  We have a Christmas Dinner on Saturday night at a friends’ and on Sunday, we’re celebrating Christmas at my parents’.  My mom’s extended family is all coming into town for the day.  Like I said, fun times!  I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!

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