Fashion Friday: Lilly Secret Sale Steals! and Lifeguard Press

Happy Friday!  Who all took advantage, and ordered way too many items from Lilly’s Secret Sale?  Well, here’s my loot.  Like I said earlier, some things I ordered may not fit (as I haven’t even tried on many of the styles I ordered), so stayed tuned for updates on the Blog Sale.  🙂  Also, for you ladies not as into Lilly as myself, stay tuned for next week, I’ll try and make my posts less Lilly-fied.

I’ve loved this print and style since the beginning of the season.  
I’m so glad it was finally affordable, so I could call it mine!
One can never have enough Paley cardigans, they go with everything!
And for that price, I couldn’t resist.  Plus, it will go perfectly with the dress above.
I’ve loved this dress since it first came out, but didn’t love the price tag, so I never attempted to try it on.
Well, after saving over $300 on this one dress alone, I sure hope it works out!
I got this dress to match my minnie.  W has a dress in the same print.
I’ve never tried on the Lola style, so I hope it fits!  It sure looks extra cute on the model though.
I just couldn’t turn down a cute bathing suit (top and bottom), AND save over $100 on it.
I though this would be a great transition piece for the fall.
I already have this in pink and LOVE it.  It’s pretty much a glorified, PRETTIER, sweatshirt.
The softness of it made me get another, in navy.  
That way on those bummy days, if I have to leave the house, I don’t look AS bummy.  🙂
(It’s got a belt that ties around the waist, weird that it’s not seen in the photo.)
Oh, and thank you to Lilly for sending me some extra FREE goodies, that are on their way, a make-up bag, and these sandals, regularly $88!
I can’t wait to get all of my Lilly loot!


The girls are visiting with the in-laws today.  I’d love to say I was using that time to get a facial, massage, etc.  Instead I’m getting my monthly allergy shot, grocery shopping, doing laundry and then heading to the dentist.  One of my fillings (that I’ve had since sixth grade) fell out on Wednesday night, so I’m having to go and get it repaired.  Not fun at all!  I HATE the dentist!!  I’m sure y’all will have a better Friday than me, I’m just hoping the weekend brings better luck, and maybe some Lilly packages.  🙂

Oh, and how could I forget!  I got my 2010-2011 Lilly Agenda last Friday from Lifeguard Press.  I LOVE it!  I’ve already transferred everything over, from my Blackberry calendar into it.  I’ve lost my calendar info in my Blackberry twice this year, when updating it, so I always have to have a back-up.  Plus, I always save my calendars each year because sometimes I need to go back and reference something.  This Lilly Agenda starts in August, and goes until December 2011.  So I won’t need to buy another one anytime soon.  Isn’t it pretty?

The Perks!

• August 2010 through 2011 calendars (17 months)
• “Reasons for a Party” with holidays
• Individual months have Month at a Glance and Day by Day
• Coordinating Sticker Sheets
• Blank pages for notes
• Pocket folder for business cards, miscellaneous stuff one can’t do without
• Elastic Band Closure

Alright, I’ve got to go and start being productive!  
Happy Friday!

17 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Lilly Secret Sale Steals! and Lifeguard Press

  1. You sure scored BIG time at the Lilly Sale! I'm loving all of your purchases and am tres jealous of the Harper dress – I wanted it in that print so badly but my size was sold out! I did get an adorable bikini for the honeymoon and dress to get ready in the morning of the wedding. Isn't looking for packages (especially packages from Lilly) in the mail such fun? Happy weekend! XO

  2. I love the Agenda .. and have one too! Even though I have a blackberry I still keep a back-up as well… friends and hubby thinkI nuts … but there is something about seeing your schedule in writing… I'm not ready to give up on pen and paper yet!!! ..Good luck at the dentist..HHL

  3. I can't function without a proper agenda and these Lilly ones are so tempting I may ditch my current one to get a super cute one instead!

    Have a fabulous Friday!

    x M.

  4. Love all your clothes and the agenda!! I wish we wore the same size so I could borrow stuff 🙂 Or we could buy together and switch out!

  5. Wow, girl! You are quite the shopper! How cool is that they're sending you free loot?! Well not totally free, since you did buy a lot, but still very cool, nevertheless!

    I almost bought the Lola for GG's birthday. It is super cute! Hope all your finds work out!

    I hate the dentist too… Hope you enjoy your day (after the dentist) without the kiddos!!

  6. I bought the exact same Lola dress at the Lilly sale. I have the other (paid full price) and I love it! Lola with the pockets was one of my favorite dresses this season. I hope it works for you.

    I just about bawled my eyes out when I wasn't able to get a bathing suit (not one print left in my size.). Seriously? How crazy is over $100 off! The whole suit just $33. You are very lucky to have scored a new one! Your other purchases are fabulous!

    I must have one of those agendas. I love to organize.

    By the way, I hate the dentist, too. Hate it! Chin up, it will be over before you know it.

    Wishing you a great weekend.

  7. What a great haul! I made myself be good b/c of my tax-free weekend haul, but I did get that same Del Mar dress you have up top.

    Have a good weekend!

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