Fashion Friday: Lilly Resort is Here!

While I’ll be wearing most of my fall Lilly well into April, it’s still fun to see the resort collection up and running on Lilly’s website.  And although most of the collection is more appropriate for warmer weather, I still managed to find some favorites from the new Resort collection, for this time of year!

First off, how amazing is this Elsa top!  If you’ve never tried on an Elsa, you’re missing out!  They’re the perfect top that you can wear dressed up or down, and most of the time Lilly carries them in two kinds of fabrics – cotton or silk.  The Elsa featured here is silk, and I’d probably pair it with some jeans and heels, for a fun date night look.  Just remember to use your static spray, so the Elsa doesn’t stick to you in the winter months!
Next, is the Estelle Sweater.  While you’re thinking, wow, this looks like my mother’s goofy Christmas sweater, I’m thinking it’s fun, yet classy at the same time.  It’s fitted and CASHMERE too, so it’s a little bit nicer, and more fitted, than the ones my mom used to wear.  Now, if you paired it with green blinking ornament earrings and a Christmas lights necklace, then yes, it’d be tacky – but I’m thinking I’d wear mine with black leggings/skinny jeans and some black Tory Burch flats.  See…FUN!
The Rebecca sweater is a new style sweater from their line.  I just think it’s the perfect black top – that’s a little different than the typical black sweater, but still classic at the same time.  I feel like anything would go with this, and you could wear it for so many occasions this winter.
Throw on a Murfee Scarf for a punch of color – and you’re good to go!
I guess I’m on a ‘tops’ kick, because here’s another one I’m in love with…the Saratoga sweater.  How sweet is this little gem?  Great with dark jeans now, and in the spring – when it’s still cool outside – it’ll be great paired with white jeans or shorts.  A perfect yachting-style top, and the ruffles on the sleeves are a nice touch too.

I feel like there are a lot of new dress styles this time around, and while I love the look of many of them, I won’t really know how they’ll do for me, until I can try them on.  So, I’m sure I’ll be back with another post later, letting you know some of my favorite dresses from the collection!  But for now, I’m loving my go-to style Jonah dress, in this print.  Seriously, if you’ve never tried on a Jonah, you’re missing out – it fits every body type!

And of course, the Minnies Resort Collection is darling, too!  I’m already trying to decide what E will wear for her birthday, mid-November.  I’ll save my favorite Minnies outfits from the Resort collection, for another post.

Have you seen Lilly’s Resort Collection yet?  What do you think?
Have you already added any of it to your Christmas list?


I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!  Yesterday, we saw the temps reach 79 degrees, and today it’s overcast and they’re not supposed to reach 60!?  We just got through with one Halloween party this morning, and we’re attending another one after the girls wake up from their naps.  Whew!  I think they’re serving cocktails at the one this evening, so it should add some extra entertainment to the party…especially when I’m not driving!

Please be safe over the weekend, y’all!  And have a blast!  If you’re dressing up, please comment and let me know what you’re going to be, especially if you have a blog.  I want to see some fun pictures!!


P. S. My giveaway ends tomorrow, so make sure you enter, if you haven’t done so already.  Also, just a heads up, I’m going through my closet, and will hopefully have items on my blog sale sometime next week, if not earlier!

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  1. Many of you favorites are my favorites too 🙂 I am loving this Resort Collection! The new Joy Tunic Dresses look amazing too! Being far from stores I'd love to hear about fit.

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