Fashion Friday: Lilly Pulitzer on RueLaLa!

Um, seriously, how fast did everything sell out on Lilly’s RueLaLa showing yesterday?  I was glued to my computer at 11:00am.  Thankfully!  Sad to say that I popped in a kiddie DVD for my daughter to watch, while I quickly ordered up too many things.  With their new money back policy, you don’t just get store credit now, they’ll give you an actual refund.  How nice is that?  And perfect timing too.  I must say, the newest Lilly collection has some very, cute things in store.  Who else took advantage?  I mean, you can’t beat brand new McKims for only $49, when they retail for $138!  I must say though, the McKims went a little too quick!  I missed out on them…but here’s what I did get.  I figured why not get it, try it on for that price, and if it doesn’t suit, just return it.

“Set in Stone” Leather Sandal – Originally $258, Sale $79
“Bowen” Lilly’s Pink Print Dress – Originally $228, Sale $79
“Sunny” Sunshine Yellow Print Dress – Originally $198, Sale $69
“Walsh” Multi-Print Short – Originally $98, Sale $39
“Preppy” Multi-Print Short – Originally $98, Sale $39
“Paley” Grasshopper Green Cardigan – Originally $158, Sale $49
Here’s to patiently waiting for it all to arrive…

In other news, E started her first trial tasting of rice cereal yesterday…success!  As a growing baby, with little developments lately, this is kind of a big deal!  Next comes sitting up.  Can’t wait!

Here was her audience…

I have no idea what kind of face E was making here.  Haha.
Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!  We’re taking my daughter to see Shrek Forever.  It’s a little test to see how long her attention span will last.  My husband’s work is renting out a showing at the movie theater, and invited all the co-worker’s kids to come along.  So we’d thought we’d give this little venture a try.  23 months, attention span?  What attention span?  We’ll see how it goes…

Remember to stay tuned for the next giveaway starting next week!

29 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Lilly Pulitzer on RueLaLa!

  1. I love all your Lilly purchases. The strapless dress is adorable as are both pairs of shorts. I'm so bummed I missed out on LP yesterday on RuLaLa. šŸ™ Talk about a short attention spam!

    Darling baby. I miss those days and milestones!

    "W" looks like she's wearing the LP Callahan shorts featured in my giveaway. A future LP girl??

    Have a great day and enjoy the movie.

  2. Love all your choices!!!! Those are such great deals you got too!! Hope you enjoy everything! šŸ™‚

    Good luck at Shrek!!! I didn't know they were coming out with another one! Is that a new Shrek movie?? I swear, watching all of my shows on DVR and fast forwarding through commercials really puts me behind in things. LOL

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

  3. Oh you lucky duck. You scored big time. I missed out. Had lots in my shopping cart, just took to much time browsing and when I went to check out, everything that I had was all sold out in my size.

  4. Okay, first of all I must have those sandals and Yeah for E trying rice cereal. Grant never liked it unless it was the gerber kind in a jar. Now he finally likes it at the time he can have normal people food! Go figure! Have a great weekend beautiful and talk to you soon!

  5. You did great with LIlly on Rue! I love the strapless dress! Your girlies look adorable! With the Shrek movie if its good she'll probably like it at least for a while. When I was little I never like to sit in front of the tv and watch an entire like 90 minute movie. You'll have to let us know how it goes!

  6. Oh, this makes me tear up! My son turns 4 tomorrow and I have spent this morning remembering all of the little things that were so fun when he was a baby.

    Great Lily finds. I got on too late and missed all of the good stuff. šŸ™

  7. Love all your Lilly loot! I was actually kind of glad to be pregnant so I wouldn't be tempted. I loved those shoes though!

    It looks like your big girl was all about helping feed the baby. I'm sure there is a lot of that going on! They are too cute. I'm anxious to hear how the movie goes. I've been wondering that myself.

  8. Wow! Great deals on the Lilly stuff! I now wish I hadn't been deleting their e-mails without looking to see what they where featuring. E is so cute trying the rice cereal. Lilly has gotten used to it now and eats really well.

  9. I love those sandals! Those pictures of the girls are too cute! Macy would never eat cereal unless I puts tons of applesauce in it. HaHa!

    Hope you have a great weekend! xoxo

  10. Oh my gosh, how precious!

    I was on overload during that Lilly sale yesterday… they had so much good stuff! Looks like we picked out some of the same stuff! šŸ™‚

  11. OOooooh your babies are adorable!

    You got several great bargains! I was waay to slow logging onto my Rue la la account and MISSED my opportunity on snagging the Pink Rawley dress that I have only been looking everywhere for. Bummer!

  12. Holy cow lady…you DID score. You picked at some fabulous pieces for sure! My bestie/bloggy partner Meg got married at the Rock House a few years ago. I've been dying to go back again!

  13. Girl, I'm so glad you did a Lilly post! Oh how I love that line!! I'm so glad it's not at my local mall… otherwise I would have bought all the pieces right up!!

  14. so YOU'RE the one who got everything yesterday! by 11:05, the green bag with pink butterflies that I was hawking was G-O-N-E! darnit! you are going to love that yellow dress (i bought it last year!) did you know it glows in the dark!? talk about a party dress! (I even got muffy the matching top)
    your little E is adorable — i think she likes her cereal! enjoy the mess, and fun, of it all!

  15. How on earth did I miss this??? What sweet deals. And on Lilly Pulitzer. Love her work!

    Happy Friday Love!

  16. I was seriously bummed about the sale. I logged on about 5 minutes after it started, filled up my virtual cart, went to checkout and the two things I wanted most were already sold out (bee tunic and cardigan).

    Iā€™m so glad that you snagged some cute things. The sandals are lovely and I also really like the Bowen dress and Paley cardigan (I had the blue one in my cart). Iā€™m hoping to go to the Warehouse Sale next month in King of Prussia.

    Yay for cereal success for little E! All the photos are just adorable. Have fun at Shrek!

  17. You scored some fantastic deals yesterday! šŸ™‚ I was not on the computer when the sale started, but enlisted the help of a trusted friend to get a Mar A Lago tote in Gold. Can't wait for it to arrive! Enjoy your goodies and have a great weekend! XOXO

  18. I bought the same Bowen dress, and I was dying for those shorts but they were sold out in my size! I did end up with 3 dresses in the end (to be posted very soon), so I would consider it a very successful shopping spree. You will look lovely in all of your finds!

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