Fashion Friday: Hurricane Hugo Remembered…

If you’re from around this region, do y’all remember these t-shirts?
I think everyone in my elementary school that year owned one.

Twenty-two years ago this week, Hurricane Hugo ripped through the Carolinas, and I can still remember it like it was yesterday.  While it was no Andrew, Katrina or Irene…for us, it was massive!  I still remember taking walks through our neighborhood after it happened, and being astounded at all the damage Hugo created.  If you live/lived in the region at the time, do you remember it?

My mom put all five of us (#6 wasn’t born yet) into our middle bathroom downstairs in the dark (the power was out), and told us to stay quiet.  Um, yes, we were just a little frightened.  But for some reason, I remember we were all really calm during the storm, and kind of understood what we were asked to do, or maybe we were just in shock.  Thankfully, after the storm calmed, our house had minor damage…but other houses in the neighborhood and around the Carolinas didn’t make out so well.  Here are just some photos I found online of Hurricane Hugo’s damage, and its path…

So thankful that we haven’t had a hurricane quite like that, since then!  If we did, I’m afraid our poor little house, built in the 40s, wouldn’t fair as well as my family’s house did.  My heart still goes out to those who lost so much in the hurricanes that have come, since Hugo, most recently Irene.  So devastating.
On a happier note, I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!  The girls are headed to a Fall Festival this afternoon.  I went with them last year, and had the BEST time, so I can only imagine that they’ll have just as much fun with their grandparents this year.  My sister-in-law is also coming in town tomorrow.  So excited to see her!  It’s been way too long (she lives in Dallas), and she finally gets to meet Baby L too!!

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5 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Hurricane Hugo Remembered…

  1. That's so crazy. Hubs and I were talking about Hugo last night…he actually found his "I Survived Hurricane Charley 1986" t-shirt and we died laughing at it's cheesiness. At least we can laugh now-wasn't exactly funny at the time.

  2. Definitely remember Hugo! I lived in Summerville, SC (about 20 miles NW of Charleston) at the time. Remember cramming into the hallway with my parents, sister, grandma and dog. Going to the bathroom with a candle in my hand. And going outside with my dad during the eye of the storm. Thankfully we did not have any damage done to our house, but huge trees in our backyard did get knocked down along with our fence. Where did you live during Hugo?

  3. I was only 4, so theonly thing I remember is my parents getting us up and bringing us into the hallway to wait it out. We werebfortunate to not have any damage.

  4. I remember us laying in sleeping bags right outside the bathroom downstairs (partially in the den) and we had a weather radio that we were listening to I think. I remember us being calm too…so strange! 🙂

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