Fashion Friday: Fall Fun + Halloween OOTDs

Happy Friday!  I think it’s safe to say we had some Fall fun yesterday…
Getting to ready to head to school, and prepping Effie for her Halloween Parade!
The prettiest little butterfly!!
Her Monarch Butterfly costume is now on sale.
 The boys had a blast playing in the leaves.  Enough that we came back here twice in one day.
Pretty much the extent of my picture chances with Logan.
 I asked him what he was doing, and he said “Taking a break.”
 Don’t worry, I let Vaughn get his big brother back!
After the parade, we met my mom and sister for lunch.  Both boys wanted to hold Gigi’s hand.
 We had the best time at Wheeler’s Fall Celebration.  Can you tell how excited Effie was?
For details on my outfit, check out yesterday’s post, here.
Painted my nails Bobbing for Baubles, fitting for the holiday.
Can we talk about Lanier’s pumpkin-carving skills?  The princesses are a little off, Lanier said they looked mean, but no complaints here.  The kids loved them!

My Halloween Fashionable “Bear Costume”

Vest (on sale) // Paige Skinny Jeans // Plaid Shirt (31% off today and shipped for free with code: CANDYPLS) // Ugg Boots (Aiming for comfort when trick-or-treating with the kids tonight, and it’s supposed to get cold!)
EVERYTHING is so so cute!!  I want one of each, please!
I’ll be back tomorrow to share my favorites!
J.Crew Factory Flash Sale today.  Enter code: CANDYPLS and receive 31% off your purchase.
J.Crew’s 25% Off Sale ends at midnight!
Wheeler will be this blue fairy (currently on sale), Effie will be a Monarch butterfly (on sale), Logan should be a fireman and Vaughn unsure of yet.  For Logan, it honestly depends on what kind of mood he’s in, and what he decides to choose for today.  I’ll probably choose something out of our dress-up bins for Vaughn, depending on what the weather will be tonight.
I know it may seem a little crazy, but after Halloween I order a few costumes.  I save them and give them as Christmas and birthday gifts.  The girls can never have enough dress-ups and why not get them while they’re on sale?  I’m planning on ordering this one for Effie, and giving it to her on her birthday.  And this one is really cute too.  Would make a sweet baby gift!
I hope y’all have a Happy Halloween and a wonderful weekend!
Stay safe!

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They were just updated today!

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  1. I've said it before (and all of your kiddos seem absolutely wonderful), but that little Effie seems like such a neat kid. The teacher in me is always sizing up kid's personalities. Love that picture of her excitement for the fall festival!

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