Fashion Friday: Fall 2011 Lilly Minnies Preview

After an entire week of stifling hot weather, today, it was unusually cool (72 degrees) and rainy.  Since I had a hair appointment, it kind of bummed me out a little, for fear of it getting frizzy afterward, but it’s actually kind of nice to have this kind of weather every once in awhile.  Not at all that I’d wish for it everyday, but a change is good sometimes.  I also decided to take advantage of cleaning out some clothes from my attic, and not sweating it out in the process.  I managed to get rid of a bunch of clothes, about thirty tops will be given to Goodwill, and many others are now listed on my updated blog sale.  Just a hint: Lots of J.Crew!

If any of you had an interest in the classic, Rachel Leigh Audrey bracelet that I posted a little while back (click here for the earlier post)…you’re in luck!  From now until Monday at 11pm, The Aisle has the ice blue, white, light pink, gold and silver Audrey bracelets on sale for $47 (that includes shipping, and no tax!).  They’re normally $72!  Click here for your free invitation to The Aisle, so you can have a look.  Also, I even went so far as to call the Rachel Leigh boutique in New York a couple of months ago, inquiring about the white one (because it wasn’t available online anymore), and they said they were on back-order, and then later got an email from Summer is a Verb that they were being discontinued, so needless to say, here’s your chance to get these before they’re gone!

Thanks Living Well, for the heads up on this sale!

Speaking of cooler weather on a day like today, what do you think of these little pieces from Lilly’s Fall Line, for the minnies in your life?  The Frilly Frog, based in Greenwood, SC, posted these photos on their Facebook page last week.  Thanks, y’all!

I’m in LOVE with the giraffe dress.  It looks so comfy and warm!  The girls will definitely be sporting this little dress, and of course many other Lilly outfits, throughout the school year.
As for the women’s Lilly line for fall, I love so much of it, as well.  Stay tuned, as I’ll be posting a preview of Fall Lilly in the next couple of weeks.  If you’re familiar with Lilly styles, the Connie will be back, in pink and navy. A MUST!  Also, navy and green will be featured a lot.  Love that color combination for the fall months.  I remember seeing a Wayles in a navy/green print I really liked.
By the way, I’m definitely NOT rushing the cooler weather.  Even with the heat, you can’t beat less clothes and pool/beach time.  It’s so much easier to get the girls ready in the morning…dreading coats and layers…but that won’t arrive until November or so…so we’ve got awhile.  Thank goodness!
Hope y’all have a great weekend!  We’re off to a pool birthday party tomorrow, but that’s seriously about it!
I’m actually very excited that we have a weekend to just chill…it’s been awhile.
Stay tuned, I’ve got another giveaway, starting on Tuesday.
If you’re a traveler, you’ll love this one!

A quick side note about the Crystal Light Mocktail Mix-Ins, I posted earlier this week here: Many of my readers inquired about what stores carried the new mix-ins.  I’ve only heard of BI-LO and Wal-Mart on the list, but others of you may see stores familiar to you, in your area.
From their Facebook page:
“We know you’re anxious to try new, limited-edition Crystal Light Mocktails – and we know some of you have had trouble finding them in your area.  We’ve been working diligently to pull together a list to help you in your search and we have it here.
While this is not an exhaustive list, and we can’t guarantee that all stores on this list will have Crystal Light Mocktails available because they’re being snagged from the shelves quickly, we hope this will help you locate them.  Your regular grocery store may not be on this list, but they might still have Mocktails, so please continue to keep your eyes peeled when shopping. Cheers!”

Giant Eagle
H.E. Butt Grocery
Tops Friendly Markets
Wal-Mart (available starting on 6/22)
Weis Markets

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  1. Thank you for the list at the end of the Mocktail vendors. I have been craving them ever since your first post mentioning them. Can't wait!

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