Fashion Friday: Elizabeth McKay on RLL

Hope y’all are having a great Friday morning so far.  We signed all our listing papers yesterday, and they’ll be here on Monday to take photos, and after that, we’re hoping it sells fast!  While I’m not looking forward to showing the house, having three little ones to pack in the car whenever someone wants to come and see it, I’m VERY excited that we finally get to look for a larger house in town, that will fit our family better!  We’ve lived in our current home for a little over five years.  Little did we know we’d have a child, let along THREE, in this house.  We bought it back in 2006, thinking we’d live in it for about two years.  Obviously, with the housing market going to the pits, we stayed longer, but now it’s finally time we moved!

On another note, did anyone take advantage of the Elizabeth McKay sale on Rue La La, on Wednesday?  I’m so sorry I didn’t give everyone a heads up, but to be honest, I didn’t hear about it until Tuesday evening, and didn’t get the chance to blog about it before Wednesday.  I also had a bible study on Wednesday that ran until 11:30, so by the time I checked out the sale, many items were already sold out, even 45 minutes after the sale had begun.  I wasn’t surprised though.  Her dresses and blouses were steals!!  I did grab up a couple of items, and used the “Sold Out. Still Want It?” option on some also.  Has anyone ever had any luck using this?  I haven’t been too lucky with it.  If you haven’t joined Rue La La yet, click here for your free invitation.  There’s never an obligation to buy.

Elizabeth McKay “Ireland” Navy Wool Cape
I got this, thinking it was black, but it turns out it’s actually navy.
Either way, at $225 off, I can’t complain too much.
Elizabeth McKay “Lindsay” Black Bows Silk Dress
Can’t go wrong with a simple, little black dress.
Elizabeth McKay “Elizabeth” Ruffle Blouse
Like the Lilly Pulitzer Elsa Top, I could have an Elizabeth Ruffle Blouse in every print!
And the ones that got away…
Elizabeth McKay “Scotland” Red Dancing Elephants Silk Wrap Dress
Thought this would be a great Christmas dress.
Elizabeth McKay “Elizabeth” Homegame Navy Silk Blouse

Do tell, did any of you grab anything, before items sold out?
Also, if you’re ready for spring in your area of the world,
check out Elizabeth McKay’s Spring line, here.
Couldn’t resist showing you some photos of the kids…

E is in a jealous stage right now, and wants to be the baby all the time.
Can you tell how excited she is to hold L?
After this shot, she pushed him off of her.

If there are any of you who haven’t seen Downton Abbey yet, I’m selling my Season 1 DVD.  It’s the un-cut UK version (all seven episodes), nothing is left out.  I think there was some talk that the PBS version supposedly “dumbed it down” for us Americans, but this is the real thing.  SOLD

Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!
Oh, and my sister (#4 of the 6 found out yesterday, she’s having a little GIRL in July!)

10 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Elizabeth McKay on RLL

  1. Good luck with your home, I bet it will sell fast! I missed the sale too, although I discovered a brand in Savannah at One Fish Two Fish that is very similar to Elizabeth McKay, called Dizzy Lizzy, for a fraction of the cost. BTW, my husband is so hooked on Downton Abbey-we're almost caught up with the episodes and I'll be so sad when we are-we've had date night with iTunes every night-ha ha!

  2. Lost my original comment, anyway it went something like this-missed the sale but discovered a similar brand at One Fish Two Fish in Savannah called Dizzy Lizzy, for a fraction of the cost of EM-check them out! Also, obsessed with Downton Abbey-thanks for the tip! O'Brien and Thomas make me so mad, and Emma and Mr. Bates are sooo cute! Good luck with your home, I bet it will sell fast 🙂

  3. Love the Lindsay dress! And, the photos of your little ones are precious. That photo of your daughter kissing the baby is priceless. 🙂

  4. Good luck to you on selling your home! We were in the same situation and finally sold just before our daughters started school. It can be stressful having to pack up the kids but it will be so worth it when you are able to move into your new home!

  5. You have such beautiful children – oh no I see pics like these and want more children! BTW had no idea that the US Downton edition was cut – cut what?! Muy interesante!

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