Fashion Friday: Christmas Gift Ideas

I know y’all are busy shopping for Christmas presents, and while last week’s Fashion Friday was devoted to giving a gift to yourself, I thought this week I would share some gifts I’ve given this Christmas season.  I’m hoping it helps give you at least a few new gift ideas, to give to that special someone in your life.  Many of them would be perfect stocking stuffers, too!  Enjoy!

While I have not tried this jam yet, it comes in the cutest bottle for gifting!  Not only does it look pretty, it sure must taste yummy, too!  It won the Flavor of Georgia this year and was featured in this month’s Southern Living.  Since my in-laws are both from Georgia, I went ahead and gave this to my mother-in-law last night, instead of waiting until Christmas.  I figured she could use it during the Christmas season.  The jam has a variety of flavors: Pear Honey, Roasted Red Pepper, Jalapeño Pepper, etc.  I chose the Santa.  It’s a mixture of pomegranate and orange juice.  Yum!  I picked mine up at a boutique here in town, but they also carry it online, here.  They’ve also got a blog, Spreading the Love, One Jar at a Time where they share some seriously delicious recipes!

For the coffee lover on-the-go, this is the perfect gift!  To prep your coffee, all you do is add a packet of Via and add steamed milk or water, and enjoy!  Also, TODAY ONLY, if you buy a pound of the Christmas blend coffee, you get a 3-pack of Via for FREE!

Vineyard Vines Coozie and Croakies ($5 each)

For the college aged, these are the easiest gift to make them happy.  And not just college…I’m loving mine, too!  The silver/grey featured above is their newest color.  I bought it a couple of weeks ago, and love it.  It goes with everything!  Of course, when my mom gave monogrammed coozies to our friends at graduation, she made sure to tell us that they can be used for water bottles and cokes, too.  Right, Mama.

Also, TODAY ONLY, use the code: JINGLE and anything you order ships for free, so grab up as many of those gifts as you can.  No minimum purchase!  So even if it’s just ONE coozie or ONE pair of croakies,  or on sale, shipping is FREE!

Most men love belts.  I got this one for the hubs, as a stocking stuffer.  While he won’t go all out and wear critter pants, I think this is just a little bit of prep, he’ll be okay with.  VV has over thirty belts to choose from!

Fornash Jewelry ($25 and up)

For ladies, at any age.  They have a great variety of quality, preppy products.  My favorite is the Enamel Horse Bit Bangle shown above in orange.  I wear it with so much…navy, grey…you name it.  Toss Fornash in the stocking, or gift it to a friend.  They’ll love it!

For your bestie, these are honestly THE most comfortable pajamas ever.  While they do have a pretty hefty price tag, in my opinion they’re worth every penny.  They do great in the wash.  I actually think they get softer with every wash, and they hold up well…plus, you can never have too many pairs!  The selection of prints is also fun…hmmm, which one to choose next…  Neimans has them on sale right now, for $100.

For your little ones, anything from the dollar bins at Target will suffice.  They’re most likely to break most of the small trinkets at this age anyway, so why not feel any remorse when it does break, by getting them some items from here.  I’m filling the girls’ stockings with all kinds of princess jewelry, notepads, pens, coloring books, etc. that I found from the Target dollar bins, and they’ll love it just the same!  For the boys, the other day they had some Cars things and lots of Mickey Mouse.

Other great gift ideas I’ve considered…magazine subscriptions, gift cards (favorites are Starbucks and iTunes), personalized ornaments (especially if a new family member has been born that year, or a new dog in the family, or a marriage?).  Even something as simple as baked goodies as Christmas gifts are welcome in most homes.  Click here for a yummy recipe from a post I did last year on how to make my favorite Cream Cheese cookies.  Another great idea is making dinner for a sick friend.  I know how much the hubs and I appreciated our friends making us dinners after L was born, and that especially this time of year, something so simple as making a friend a meal means so much!

I’m keeping the family gifts a secret, since some of them read my blog, but if you’d like a great personalized gift idea, that we’re giving my parents and my in-laws, feel free to email me at  I’ll be happy to share it with you!

Also, the girls are getting many gifts from us, but Santa only leaves one special gift, that they’ve asked him for, under the tree (and it’s left unwrapped).  W wants a bouncy ball (I have no idea where we’re going to hide this) and E is most likely getting an Elmo doll.  E has been tough, she loves everything, and can’t talk enough yet to REALLY say what she wants.  So while W in school on Wednesday, I took her down every toy aisle at Target, and we played with lots of different toys.  Her face lit up the most when she played with this Elmo, so I think this is what we’ll go with.

I’m thinking this Cookie interactive dog is going to be the “Tickle Me Elmo” of the season.  They had a million of these on the shelves at Target!  Maybe I should get the girls one???

Alright, well we’re off this morning to visit my grandparents for the day.  Hope y’all have a lovely weekend, taking in the Christmas spirit all around us!  Oh, and please comment and add any neat gifts you’ve given over the years.  I’m always up for new ideas!

TGIF, Y’all!
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6 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Christmas Gift Ideas

  1. My friends and I were just talking about the Talking Elmo! haha…we were wondering what the big gift is this year that all the parents have to find. I love that little pup!

  2. Magazine subscriptions are a fantastic idea and I love the dollar section of Target all year long for stocking stuffers, party favors, and more.

    PS Be sure to check out my blog for a fun Vineyard Vines giveaway!


  3. Emily G's jams are amazing! I believe they are made in my town, Roswell, because I bought some at our town's Farmer's Market and need to stock up again! Great buy for your inlaws. And thanks for the Fornash idea, I had seen those in Savannah and then forgot about them-from me to me present!

  4. Ashley, this Is so random, but I had to go to the walmart on wilkinson this week to get a gift that was sold out everywhere else and holy moly, the toy department was incredible!!!!!! The walmart was so incredibly nice and clean, I was shocked! Anyway, that is going to be my go to for present now and for the future for kids brays, etc. Thought I might share because I was so impressed and also, cheaper!

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