Fashion Friday: Best and Worst Academy Awards Dress

My favorite gown of the night was Michelle Williams in Chanel.  Simple, yet stunning!  Plus, it was a total 180 from her Golden Globes dress.  She, or her stylist, definitely took the hint.

I love Reese Witherspoon, and normally love what she wears on the red carpet, as well.  Nina Ricci is usually her go-to designer.  This time, the gown didn’t go so well for me.  Did it not remind anyone else of Bridget Jones when she arrived to the party in The Bridget Jones’ Diary?  Or either a really boring prom dress…  Even if she had worn a big bauble necklace in bright pink or something, it would have added so much to the blah of this gown.

As far as the awards show went, I loved the first movie reference to Gone with the Wind!  Also, I NEED to see The King’s Speech.  Tom Hooper who won for best director, also directed the HBO mini-series John Adams a few years back, and it was sooo good.  Speaking of Bridget Jones, I’ve loved Colin Firth ever since he was in that movie, and then in Love Actually.  As far as the monologues between the presenters went, my favorite by far was between Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law.  So real and great!  And my favorite speech was by David Seidler, who won for best original screenplay for The King’s Speech.  He said he wrote the script because he himself stuttered, and always listened to King George VI on the radio, knowing that he had overcome a speech impediment.  “This is to all the stutterers.  We have a voice and we have been heard, thanks to the academy.”

Thanks to everyone for wishing me luck on Wednesday night.  I won my first tennis match this season 6-2, 6-0!  Felt so great!  Singles is definitely a work-out, but so worth it!  I also played a girl who was six years younger than me, so that felt great too.

I’ve been forgetting to post W’s quotes lately, so here are a couple from this past week.

W has been listening to me talk to people about getting her potty trained so much lately, which has proved to be a little difficult in her case.  Not much interest in it quite yet, so we’re taking a break.  But the other day, my mom and I were in the car, and W said, “I want to go on the POTTY TRAIN!”  Sweetheart, I do too, I do too.  Just wish it were that easy…

During a thunderstorm the other evening, W explained to us, “It lightnings first, then it rumbles.”

After we play a little while after having dinner, most nights W’s Daddy reads, then I go up and rock and sing to her.  Her daddy said he swears he didn’t prompt her, but she said, as they were about to go upstairs, “I can’t WAIT to see you, Mama.”  Melts my heart.

Here are some photos from this past week.

Our friend E slept over last Thursday night, while her parents were out of town.
They had such a fun time together!

My mom and I visited her parents, my grandparents.
W cried when we had to leave.

Waiting for Ray-Ray to open up the basement door for her.
She does this every time we visit.

I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!  A huge limb fell in our yard last week, during a thunderstorm.  Thankfully we didn’t lose power, but we’ll be cutting it up this weekend.  It barely missed our slide, but may have damaged our fence.  We needed a new fence anyway, so it was definitely a blessing in disguise!
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