Easter Weekend Overload

I hope y’all had a blessed Easter weekend!  We spent so much time with our family and friends, and had a wonderful time!  On Friday, we traveled to visit my grandparents for the day.  Four of my sisters came too, including my sister with her son, W.  It was a great surprise that she came!  Thanks for making the trip, A!  It was so fun having many of the sisters in town for the weekend, since they were home from school.  We missed you, K!

 W, thanking her grandmother for her Easter gifts
Sister #5 helping E find an egg
My nephew with my grandfather

While we visited my grandparents on Good Friday, the hubs stayed home and tended to his grill, to prep his pork butt for bbq, for our friends to visit that night.  It was a great time, with about ten of our friends, a little rain didn’t hurt anyone.

Proud Daddy with his baby (aka, his Green Egg)

Early Saturday morning, we headed out for an Easter Rock Hunt (after finding eight, you traded in your rocks for different prizes (depending on the color of your rock)).  It was a little wet, but about noon it cleared up, and stayed clear the rest of the weekend!  After naps, we headed over to my parents for an Easter Egg Hunt, egg dying and a cook-out.  The sisters were also part of the hunting, as my mom hid money in some of the eggs.

A little early Easter gift from Gigi and Grandaddy
Ready, set, go!
(Sisters, left to right, #6, #5, and #3)

Sister #5 with E

Sisters #3 and #5 helping the girls find some eggs
You know I loved the PINK speckled egg!

Hardcore dying – gloves are a MUST!
Feeding the fish in the pond.
Bathing her aunts

The girls were wiped out by Easter morning, but we still dragged them to church a little early Sunday morning.  We had to get back to start prepping and decorating for the Easter lunch we were hosting, for our family (both my parents and sisters, and the in-laws came).  You’ll notice from the pics, that W was not too excited about pictures.  I think she perked up just a little, once the rest of the extended family arrived.  🙂

Poppy (my father-in-law) with W
Are you serious, y’all? ANOTHER Easter Egg Hunt? This is getting old…  Haha.

Grammy (my mother-in-law) doing the navigating.
We had to find the real ones quick, so we could prep the deviled eggs.
At his usual post these days, with a cold beer always by his side.

W, sharing a flower with E

Told you our weekend was jam-packed!  So sorry to weigh you down with pics, but I just couldn’t resist!
Oh, wait, you want more?  Haha.  
Here are some from last year, can’t believe how quickly my girls are growing up!
E (five months) with Meme

And here are a few of my Easter decorations…

These Jibbitz were in W’s Easter basket. If you don’t know what they are,
they’re tiny characters you pop into the holes of Crocs.

And now, they’ll be stored for next year.
Bring on summer!

 (Taken from my Blackberry, yesterday evening)

Hope y’all have a great start to your week!

20 thoughts on “Easter Weekend Overload

  1. Seriously Ashley – you and your girls in your precious Easter ensembles = BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! and now you've got me wanting to buy the hubs a Big Green Egg. What's your favorite thing about it? Hope you are doing well and I am doing a giveaway today on my blog so be sure to check it out!

  2. The girls are beautiful, what delightful easter outfits! Looks like everyone had fun and family-filled Easter, exactly as it should be.

  3. Ohhhhh these pictures are all so sweet.

    I have told ya before and I'll tell you again, you have the most beautiful family. I can't believe how big the girls are getting.

    How did the meal turn out on the BGE?? Don't ya love it?

  4. Love the pictures…and there's no such thing as too many! Email me where you found the girls' seersucker pink outfits! I want one so badly for GG. Thanks, girl! XO

  5. Such a fun Easter weekend with your family! I adore the picture of you in your Lilly shift looking down while you hold both girls. What a special photo. 🙂

  6. Love all your pictures! Looks like you had a fabulous Easter. As always you and the girls look absolutely gorgeous and have some fabulous outfits! Youre face is so skinny! I`m jealous I have puffer cheeks lol.


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