Canada Trip: Part Five

On our last morning in Banff, we headed to Tooloulou’s for breakfast.

All the hydration…

Our meal was delicious!

The view from our room.

The high school in town, across the street from where we stayed.

We took the Banff Gondola up to the top for lunch.  Talk about unreal panoramic views!

Highly recommend eating at Sky Bistro for a meal if you ever visit Banff!  So good!

Such an awesome trip!  We headed back to Calgary for our final night of our trip.  Hayden Block was fabulous!

The reason for this most amazing trip was because of my dear friend right here.  Jonathan Flora.  Let’s put it this way, he’s one of those special people where you meet them and you just know they’ll be in your life forever.  You know you have those people too.  And our crew truly celebrated him on our ski trip!  Forty years young!

We truly couldn’t have had a more magical trip!  While I was excited to get back to the kids, I was sad to leave such a beautiful place in such good company.  I really do hope we travel to Banff again one day.  If you’re on the fence about traveling here, do it!  You won’t regret it!

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