Canada Trip: Day Four

The next day, we headed to ski at Lake Louise Resort.  Can you believe this view??

On the ski lift headed up to the very top!  It was a chilly -5 degrees!

 Early morning with perfect, powdery conditions!

I couldn’t stop taking photos of the views!

I had a lot of y’all ask if there were many green slopes.  There honestly weren’t that many.  And as it was a little icy up top, many of the blues were even changed to blacks.

Definitely the most entertaining tree on the slopes.

The perfect little ski lodges on the slopes for lunch.

Attempting to show you the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise Hotel in the background.  As I mentioned in a previous post, we’ve been here before in the summer and visited the hotel.  It’s absolutely beautiful and you can ice skate, as well.  On this trip, we chose to ski rather than visit the hotel.  Next time, if there is a next time, we’ll try and do both.

Known as ‘Top of the World’ this was close to the very top and this was the backside of the mountain.  How amazing is this bowl?  It was hard to capture the full beauty on camera.

Apres ski drinks when the slopes closed!  Loved spending time with our crew so much!

For dinner, we definitely worked up an appetite and enjoyed yummy Greek bites at Balkan.

Getting hungry now just seeing these photos.

Loved staying at our hotel, Elk + Avenue.  We stayed in the room lit up on the corner, on the second floor.  Getting to the ski resorts were super easy.  Our skis were stored in lockers at our hotel and the shuttle picked us up right outside our hotel to take us to the different resorts.

As for what I wore…these ski pants were such a great price and insulated my legs so well!  I wore these high waisted leggings and have to tell you that they’re my all-time favorite leggings ever.  They never stretched out and loved how well they fit!  Highly recommend!  I wore these ski goggles that were super cheap.  Like so cheap that I thought they’d fog up as soon as I got out on the slopes, but they honestly never did.  We rented our skis and helmets which helped with packing.  My pink neck warmer is actually a buff for boating, but it did the trick!  There were times it did freeze up a little when I got it wet, but nothing to complain about.  I wore this jacket as my outer layer and wore this one under it for better insulation.  All in all, I was at first a little worried I’d be freezing on the slopes, but I never had a problem.  Oh, and hand warmers.  Don’t forget those!  They were my saving graces, especially because I wanted to keep my phone from freezing up in my pocket.

I’ve got one final Canada post, so hang tight!