It’s Monday and it’s Freezing + OOTD + Cozy Favorites

It’s Monday!  And it’s cold!!  28 degrees to be exact!  I’m so thankful I brought heavy coats and hats when I packed for this week.  Our car was seriously packed to the brim!  This pretty luggage was packed for the trip, but this was probably 1/3 of what all we carried.  Do any of you still use your Vera Bradley (the red print in the pic)?  I swear I’ve had it forever, and it continues to hold up so well! // Belmont Cabin Bag (details on ordering this one, here) // Sloane Ranger Anchor Bag // St. Anne Stripe Monogram (details on how to order, here) // Buchanan Laptop Case (on the main site, click on ‘New Arrivals’ in the left corner, from the drop down menu select ‘Fall Monogram Stripe Collection,’ and scroll down to find the Buchanan Case)
If you’re looking for a pretty festive red sweater for the holidays, consider this Tippi Sweater (in Neon Watermelon).  It’s a cheery, bright color, almost with a subtle pink undertone to it.
J.Crew just picked up this Excursion Buffalo Vest again this season, and it’s currently 30% off with code: SHOPNOW!  I pair with this everything from solid long sleeves to navy and black plaids and ginghams.  Here’s one of my outfits when I wore recently below…

While we’re talking J.Crew, I absolutely love their flannel pjs pants this time of year.  I’ve already picked up these buffalo check ones this season, but now I’m thinking I may get this pair above too.  In love with the midnight plaid, and think it’ll be great to wear even after the holidays are over – and it’s still freezing out!  I’m all about covering my legs when it gets chilly…
…and also my feet!  And nothing covers them better than my go-to Ugg Slippers (in Chestnut).  I have had a few of you ask about sizing and what color I own.  I’m an 8.5 and wear a 9 in them.  They only come in whole sizes.  But the 9s fit perfectly.  I couldn’t leave home without them and even packed them for our trip here this week.

And I’m very glad I brought my Uggs too, because I could snuggle by the fire, watching the Panthers win again yesterday!  They’re now 10-0!

Dress (25% off and free shipping with code: HURRAH) // Heels (on sale with an additional 25% off with code: , these run big, size down at least a half-size)
Thankfully, yesterday morning it wasn’t as cold as it is this morning.  The rest of the week I have a feeling we’ll be wearing lots of layers!
So, we’re going to attempt to visit Santa this morning!  If you’ve been reading for awhile, you’ll probably remember that my boys don’t exactly like Santa.  Yes, the bringing the presents and watching him on tv and reading books about him is totally fine, but in person?  They’re not having it.  My girls went through this stage too, when they were little.  So when I say attempt, I mean that we’ll wait in line and see if the boys will actually sit on his lap, and not run the other direction.  Fingers crossed!
It’s no secret that Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals will start popping up in your inboxes this week.  I know I probably don’t even have to say this, but be sure and check back here throughout the week.  I’ll be the first to let you know when any sales go live.  I’ll also be back throughout the day (especially Friday-Monday) to update my posts, if new sales have been added.  I know all of these great deals and sales can be a bit overwhelming, so I’ll try and organize it all for you the best that I can, sharing my favorites from the sales and/or showing you products I currently own and love that have been marked down.  If any of my holiday gift guides that I’ve featured in the past few weeks have anything marked down, I’ll be sure and let you know about those markdowns too.  Always happy to make shopping easier for you this time year, because y’all know I LOVE to do it!
Hope y’all have a great start to your week!

5 thoughts on “It’s Monday and it’s Freezing + OOTD + Cozy Favorites

  1. I have the same Vera pattern from years and years ago…and love it this time of year:) It is called Provincial red! Thanks for sharing all these great gifts!

  2. I still use my old green turtle print Vera Bradely…pretty sure my mom bought it for me when I was 8 or 9 years old and it is still my go-to duffle bag for weekend and road trips! It holds up perfectly!

    Looks like you're having an awesome time!

    xo Olivia |

  3. I'm still in high school, but I was gifted a set of Vera Bradley duffle bags when I was younger, and have used them on about every trip (several each year) ever since! I love my Vera Bradley, they hold up so well, and just about everygirl I know has the same set that they use in their "signature print". Too fun! Happy Thanksgiving!

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