Back-To-School Favorites + Lilly Pulitzer Summer Sale Talk

With school starting in less than a month here, I decided to get a jumpstart on back-to-school shopping for the children.
While I sometimes get them other fun shoes too, I always order their tried and true shoes, that I know will fit, no matter what.  Styles that they’ve worn for a few years now, and I re-order as their feet grow.
First off, they both always get a pair of these New Balance Running Shoes (also available here and in pink toddler here and pink little girls here).  The velcro kind is key,  so it’s easier for them to put on and head out the door in the mornings.  I’ve let them try on others, but they have pretty wide feet and these are the most comfortable.
I always get the girls these glitter Morgan & Milo Shoes.  They hold up really well and are super comfortable.  No breaking in period and they always have new colors to choose each season.  The girls always get a kick out of choosing a new color.
With the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale going on, I tend to get a few pairs of other shoes for the kids too.  My boys will be all over these light-up Batman Rain Boots.
And the girls will love these pink booties.
Of course as I’m shopping around for the kids, I found another winner.  Long enough to wear with leggings and it covers your rear.  Would be really pretty with an accent necklace too.  Only $27.90.
As for lunch boxes, I’ve always used these L.L. Bean Insulated Coolers with their monograms.  I just ordered new ones for the boys last week.  Order soon, to have them arrive before school starts.
While the children were in preschool, they had a specific school tote they would carry.  When Wheeler was in kindergarten last year, she finally had the chance to use her new book bag that she received for her birthday when she was 2.  It held up really well all year and was personalized, so I thought I’d let Effie order one from Pottery Barn Kids too.  She picked out this print above.  Shop them all here.

Time to talk about the Lilly Pulitzer Summer Sale!  It’s coming!!  Many of you have asked if I knew when it would start.  I’ve heard from some people about the potential start date, but I’m not sharing until I know for a fact the actual start time.

Dress // Sandals // Necklace in Teal (create it via the Color Bar) // Bracelet // Cuff // Watch

I will say that my Daphne Dress that I’ve worn so much this summer has currently been pulled off the site.  This one is still available, but nothing in either print that was available before.  Many times if Lilly has certain items that will be on sale, they’ll slowly start pulling them from the site until the summer sale begins, where they’ll be back and marked down during the sale.  I’m not guaranteeing my dress will be part of the sale, but that would be great if it would be.  I’ve been wanting the other print in the same style.  Fingers crossed it is!  For the time being, it’s still available at Nordstrom here.
Until the sale begins, I’d start making your wish list.  As always, you know I’ll be one of the first ones to let you know when I get a confirmation on the start date!  For now, check out many others living their #summerinlilly here.
If y’all know of any more insight into the sale start date, I’d love to hear!
Happy Tuesday, Y’all!

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  1. Hi! I actually have a question unrelated to this post 🙂 I think you used to live in Charlotte? If so, do you have any recommendations for date night dinner spots? My husband and I have a wedding there in September, and I'd love any suggestions! We seem to have the same interest in atmosphere/food/drink choices based on your latest posts about going out in Charleston! Also, if there are any great spots for running/walking in the morning, I'd love to hear that as well! Staying downtown, but we will have a car. Thanks so much!

  2. I have 3 boys and we ALWAYS have the New Balance shoes, love those…we alternate gray and navy. And we do the Pottery Barn insulated lunch boxes, similar to the ones you've shown. Our kids are back to school THIS WEEK!

  3. Which size book bag did you order? I can't decide which one will be big enough for folder, lunchbox etc without being too big for 4 yo

  4. What size book bag did you order? I'm trying to decide what size will fit a 4 yo and hold a folder, lunchbox etc

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