A Love for Family + Apple Watch Review

Happy Monday!  I hope y’all had a great weekend!  Like I mentioned on Friday, it was pretty low-key around here.  We went to our friends’ house on Saturday night for tacos which ended up being too much fun and the kids stayed up way past their bedtimes, but other than that, we just chilled here.  I was super productive and cleaned and organized, and took at least five bags to Goodwill.  It’s just so nice to have a good clean out, especially after the holidays.  This week, the girls only have school for three days, and then they have another break until Tuesday.  Can’t believe that, but it’ll be fun.  The boys still have school, so we’ll probably think of some fun girly activities to do.  Maybe a mani/pedi? They’ve never had one.  Who knows what we’ll do yet, but we’re definitely going to make the most of our girl time!
I’ve been looking back through old photos recently, and it almost saddens me to see how quickly my children are growing up.  As always, I’m taking advantage of every stage and age, but at times I do think about how bittersweet it is.  I just have to keep reminding myself to live each moment to the fullest, because pretty soon, they’ll be all grown up and all I’ll have is memories and photos.  But I’m thankful for that.  And in reminiscing, it makes me cherish them so much more.
Just last night when I was putting the girls to bed, Wheeler (with a tear in her eye) said, “Mama, I wonder what life will be like when you can’t give me a kiss and a hug before bedtime each night.”  I mean, water works!  I wish that day would never come, but it’s part of life, but I’m surely not thinking about that stage right now…
Love my boys!
Many of you have asked if I’m still enjoying my Apple Watch and the answer is YES!  I absolutely love it!  To be honest, in the beginning I was over it quickly.  I didn’t know how it all worked and got frustrated with the buttons and not understanding all of the features.  Well, all it took was to watch a few tutorials on Apple’s site, and it all came together.  I will say there’s a bit of a learning curve in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, it’s super user-friendly.
My Favorite Things
When running, the mileage is pretty accurate.  Maybe a 1/10 of a mile off, but nothing too extreme.
You can talk to text someone.  Love that one!
It’s super easy to talk on it when trying to multitask.
The ‘Stand’ feature is great.  If you’ve been sitting too long (I think over an hour or so), it’ll buzz and remind you to stand for a little bit.
Since I’m used to wearing a watch anyway, I love being able to not only look at the time, but seeing the current temperature, as well.
If you’re traveling and using maps from your iPhone, it’ll pull up on your watch also.  If you’re close to an exit or a turn, it buzzes to let you know to take the exit or make the turn.
It’s super easy to customize your own clock face.  There are so many to choose from, and then after you pick a clock face, you can customize the color too.
Almost all of your apps are accessible via the Apple Watch, just in a smaller form.
It does track steps, just like other fitness tracker armbands.
It tracks your calories burned during your workout, and it’s pretty accurate as it keeps track of your heart rate with yours stats you’ve entered (weight, age, etc.).
The sport band is super comfortable and feels very secure and lightweight on my arm.
And one of my absolute favorite features?  I’m constantly losing my phone around the house.  The watch has a  ‘Ping’ feature.  Tap it and your phone will making a pinging noise, so you can find it.  Yesterday I found mine under a stack of laundry, which probably would’ve taken me FOREVER to find, had I not been able to use the ‘Ping’ feature on my watch.
Will I still use my Fitbit?
I actually think I will.  I like the sleep activity component.  I wouldn’t wear it every night, but if I’m ever feeling not as rested in the morning, I may wear it a few nights to track my sleep, and see what’s up.  And if you remember, I actually lost my in the ocean this summer, so I’ve been using Lanier’s since then because he wasn’t using his anyway.
So can you tell I’m sold on the watch?  If you aren’t wanting to spend the extra money for an Apple Watch, I’d still highly recommend the Fitbit Charge HR.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post.  Sharing what I’ve been loving lately, like this new pineapple print, only $22!
Hope y’all have a great start to your week!

10 thoughts on “A Love for Family + Apple Watch Review

  1. Thanks for sharing your info! I heard the step tracking is not very accurate… do you think it is? Have you compared to your Fitbit? I love the look of the apple watch but want to make sure it tracks my hard work! 🙂

  2. Great info on the Apple Watch! Recently found your blog and I LOVE it! Quick question about Tory Burch Millers. I am looking to buy my first pair and on Nordstrom site there is a quilted pair in a color called Cognac cream….any idea how these are different than say the Vintage vachetta regular ones? Wondering if you've ever had the quilted ones and if they're new. There are no reviews yet. Thanks! 🙂

    1. Basically they're both the same on the top, but the footbeds are different. I haven't tried the quilted ones on yet, but I feel like they'd be a little uncomfortable. I LOVE my Vintage Vachetta ones!

  3. Stumbled across your blog from Natalie at East Coast Prep! I've been debating the Apple Watch for some time now, and I'm glad to finally see some honest opinions. The feature on the Apple Maps sounds like something that I definitely need in my life 🙂

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