An OOTD + Running Lately + Weekly Post Recap

Happy Monday!  While much of last week, we enjoyed school being out for the summer by attending end-of-year parties, this weekend we were in full “clean-out” mode.  After over a year of boxes upon boxes in our garage and in our way, we finally tackled them.  We organized everything in our garage, so now the kids have plenty of room to play with their bikes and scooters, even on rainy days.  And now we can see everything we need to get to, and aren’t rummaging through boxes trying to find that one thing we’re looking for.
Our pool toys have their own place, and bike helmets and coolers, it’s just a really good feeling.  On this week’s Wednesday Whereabouts, I’ll share more pics of everything we’ve been up to, but wanted to share just a few with you today…
On their last day of school!
Effie’s Dress (on sale and still available in this pink stripe version) // Wheeler’s Dress // Shoes (found them on sale for only $25! Also on sale here.)
Caught a frog!
 Logan loved it…but wouldn’t hold it.
 Still can’t get over it!  She’ll be 8 in less than two weeks! // Tassel Cover-Up (I’m wearing a small.  I’ve been waiting for this color combo to come out!)
 Enjoying my new pineapples glasses on Friday night for cocktail hour…with a beautiful view! // Elephant Bangle // Pink/Orange Kendra Scott Bracelet (on major sale!)
The next morning, the girls and I went on a bike ride and headed to the pool for an early swim.  This was our pitstop.  Girls’ Shoes // Flip Flops

I absolutely adore this new Lilly Pulitzer Ali Dress (also available here).  First off, it’s under $100 and next, it’s so comfy I feel like I’m wearing pajamas.  Add to the fact that I’m loving this print this season and the length hits at the perfect spot, I’m clearly sold! // Sandals (true to size) // Pink Bracelet // Aqua Bracelet
Running Lately
I mentioned to y’all that last Monday I’d started back running consistently again.  I’m on day 8 in a row and I can already tell my energy is so much better when I get a run in each day.  I’ve never been one to run miles upon miles, it’s usually just three miles.  And lately when I’ve gotten out to run, I’m mostly thinking it’s the fact that I’m out and I’m running.  Eventually, I’ll try and run faster but not longer distances.  I’m quite content just making the extra effort to get out there and run.  It feels good to sweat everyday.
On my runs, it’s usually just me and my music, but yesterday, Effie REALLY wanted to run with me.  And as we were headed out the door, Logan REALLY wanted to come too.  So I took both of them along.  Talk about a work-out.  I clearly couldn’t do this everyday, but I was up for the challenge.  I pushed Logan in a single jogger (mind you, he’s 45lbs) and Effie rode her scooter for the first two miles.  On the third mile, Effie got tired so she hopped on to the lip of the jogger and Logan tucked in his feet.  I folded up the scooter and we were on our way.  And no, I didn’t run with both of them in the jogger, but I tried.  With Effie at 54lbs, I think walking and pushing 100lbs in a single jogger was enough of a work-out.  Next time, if any of the kids want to come along, I’ll bring the double jogger just in case.
Weekly Post Recap
Some of the kids have camps today, so I’m off to get everything prepared for their day!
Hope y’all have a great start to your week!

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