An Easter Scavenger Hunt + A Dress You’ll Love!

Love this crew!  This is how we social distanced with my sister the other day.  So glad she captured it.  We’ve been abiding by all the self-quarantine rules for the past two weeks and haven’t even ordered/shopped for groceries or gotten take-out/drive thru.  I feel like we did a good job of majorly stocking up on the essentials early on and are so thankful we have two fridges to store it all.  When we moved a few years ago, we bought another fridge to keep in our garage.  Very thankful for that right about now.  It’s been a little hard not to enjoy fresh produce, but the kids have actually enjoyed the frozen strawberries, blueberries, grapes, yogurt, etc.  I hope all of y’all have been staying healthy.  We did have to venture out to the dentist and surgeon to get Effie all fixed up, so it just adds another reason why we’ve tried to stay away from everyone.  If we happened to pick up anything while we were there, we didn’t want to chance sharing it with anyone.

Alright, y’all…so on to something fun!  My friend Megan who owns Shrimp & Grits (the cute clothing company my kids don ALL THE TIME) has put together this fun scavenger hunt!  My kids cannot wait to do it, but we’re saving it until Easter Day.  Print them off, stuff them in eggs (maybe with an added sweet treat in each?), hide them and have some fun!

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt


Easter is Sunday, so we have a big reason to celebrate.

We are craving normalcy more than ever, so now is the perfect time to continue your family traditions for Easter. 

I’ve teamed up with Mimi Seabrook and Shrimp & Grits Kids for a virtual celebration of Easter with all of you!

We want you to still dye the eggs, hide them for your kids in the backyard, get dressed up for your church service in the den and have brunch as a family.  Of course, things look a little different this year but we can still spread that cheer, joy and hope to each other through your photos.  And to top it all off, we have a giveaway!  Head over here for all the details!

Let’s start a pandemic of hope and love.

If you’re looking for a simple scavenger hunt, Vaughn loved doing this one today.  His teacher sent it out and I wrote it out for him.

My life right now.  This was the progression of me trying to share a photo of this dress.  Haha!  I really can’t complain and actually love the company.  One of these days, they’ll be gone and moved out and I’ll be wishing these days were back again.  So I learned a long time ago, never to complain when they want to spend time with you.  And these days, it’s obviously a lot more than usual and I love it.

The dress I’m sharing is the same one I posted about over the weekend on this post.  I can’t decide which color I love more!  They’re both so easy, breezy and fun for this time of year and you can style them so many ways!

Pink Dress Perfection!  For fit, it runs big so make sure you go down a size.  I’m wearing an XS.

Happy Tuesday, Y’all!

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