A Trip to Lilly!

On Friday morning, I headed out to the Lilly Pulitzer store out at Freshfields Village near Kiawah to shop for Easter clothes for myself and the girls.

I always love this little spot so much!  How pretty are these blooms?

While I was shopping, Britni told me about a new service that many corporate Lilly stores are starting to offer.  If you live in the vicinity, you can even text the store and they’ll deliver your goodies to your door!  Even if you’re not sure of what size, they’ll bring over a few sizes and let you try them all on to see which fits best on you.  They also offer before/after shopping appointments with champagne and treats!

And we all know that shopping and bubbly is always a good idea!

So here was Dress #1.  I loved the lace and style, but you know me, I don’t like anything too fitted so I just couldn’t commit.

And how sweet are the eyelet girls dresses that matched!  Perfect for Easter!

Dress #2, again probably a little fitted for my comfort level, but really pretty!

I liked how comfortable Dress #3 was, but the fabric showed every line of my bra.  I also felt like it wasn’t dressy enough for Easter Sunday.

Okay, as soon as I tried this one on I knew this one was THE ONE!  Like I didn’t even try any of the other dresses I’d picked out on because I knew this one was the one I was going to wear for Easter.  They only had one left in the store and it was a medium.  Clearly, it’s too long and too big on me, but they ordered the small and it should arrive at my house sometime this week!  I decided to go with this print instead of white because it’s such a classic Lilly print that I couldn’t resist.  They also have matching ones for the girls.

So excited to wear this dress for Easter and I chose this dress for the girls.  Will be so sweet for photos!  If you’re ever shopping at Lilly at Freshfields, be sure and say ‘hey’ to Britni!  She’s the best!  So super helpful and friendly!

2 thoughts on “A Trip to Lilly!

  1. oooohh, I love Lilly maxis!!! I’m wearing a repeat from a few years ago, and soooo glad I am. Of course, we usually go shopping and try to find something new, but I wanted to re-wear this Lilly dress, and I cant wait! You look beautiful, and the girls will too of course 🙂 I posted a link, I’m not selling it, haha, but that’s me and my husband a few years ago at our church when we lived in Florida. So really I’ve not worn it to our church here in Kentucky


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