A Fall Favorite: The Quilted Vest

What a weekend!  We picked the best weekend to travel down south.
The weather couldn’t have been more beautiful!
Perfecting her toss!
So Lanier isn’t a big shopper, but when he mentioned the other day that he wanted some new coats for fall, you know I jumped on board to help him.  He’s one of those guys that likes to get something that he knows will last him a long time, so he’s willing to pay a little more for it.  To invest in great quality, rather than something trendy that may go out of style next season.
Because Nordstrom is one of my favorites, especially for customer service, I handed him the computer and told him to check out their Men’s Shop and look at their coats and jackets selection.  I know it’d be a lot easier for him to stop in a store and try some on, but like I said, he’s not a big shopper, so having it mailed is easier.  He can try it on in the comfort of his home, and get a real feel for the coat.  Those bright lights can be deceiving.  In addition, with Nordstrom their return policy is super easy so I knew he could order two sizes and just send the one back that didn’t fit.
Of course he hands me the computer back and says, “That’s a good one. Get that one.”  And it’s not even a coat, it’s a Peter Millar Vest.  He got it right before our trip down to Georgia this weekend, so it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.  It was actually pretty cool down there.  I love all of my vests so much, so I knew he’d love his too.
Lanier’s doesn’t like to get his photo taken, so to say he was a trooper with all of these pics, is an understatement.  But I couldn’t leave a kiddo out.  If I got an individual with one of them and him, I had to get one of each!
Seriously, didn’t he pick out a great vest?  It comes in a few other colors too.  I honestly thought he was going to pick out the sand colored one, but now seeing the brown on him, I do like it better.

For fit, it’s true to size.

I’m wearing this cardigan (only $58).  It runs small, so order at least one size up.
On Lanier: Vest // Shirt // Jeans // Sunglasses
Next up, his hunt for the perfect coat that will carry him on through the winter…
I hope y’all had a great weekend!  We got back in town yesterday afternoon.  Both of Lanier’s grandmothers are doing as well as they can be.  One of his grandmothers is 101, and she recently had a setback and we didn’t think we’d get to see her again, so having the girls there, singing songs to her, and the boys talking to her, was such a very special blessing!  I’ll be sharing more pics from this weekend on this week’s Wednesday Whereabouts.
Sweet Vaughn clearly had a blast and was wiped out after an awesome weekend away.  Here with his my father-in-law, his Poppy.  He’s started this thing where he likes to race people.  His little legs when he runs is hilarious.  And you know I’m all for a good run, especially right before naps!
Hope y’all have a great start to your week!
Thanks to both Nordstrom and Lanier for their partnership on this post!

5 thoughts on “A Fall Favorite: The Quilted Vest

  1. Oh man I can't believe i missed out on the beautiful pink sweater from jcrew! but thank you for sharing! I thought you got Lanier the Barbour last fall/winter? did he not like it?
    I was actually going to your blog to find that post because I was thinking of ordering one for the fella in my life.

    1. I just went into J.Crew today and they have a Tippi sweater and Jackie cardigan, both in pretty pinks too! Yes, Lanier still loves his Barbour the most. He just wants one to wear that's a little more dressed up. I shared a pic of him in it on Sunday's IG pic. 😉

    2. Aha gotcha well please let me know what coat he ends up finding thats a little more dressed up. Did Lanier size down in the Bedale?
      And yes they are built to last a decade I've heard ; )

      I will look at those other two sweaters! Love your blog, I check it daily! Thank you! xo

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