Where’s the SNOW?

I know I should be happy with the ONE snow we’ve had this winter season because usually Charlotte doesn’t get much anyway, but right now the weathermen are driving me crazy! Every state around us has had snow from Texas to Georgia to DC and on up the east coast. But where is ours? Of course the mountains of NC are getting it, but according to our weather station it’s supposed to be arriving now, and I just don’t see it. It smells like it, looks like it, but so far, nothing!

The babies and I headed out this morning to Discovery Place and W loved it, especially the water table. Glad I brought an extra change of clothes for her. They’re both wiped out now, and are still asleep after 2 1/2 hours. Glad I can do some online shopping! My old, worn-out slippers were thrown in the trash yesterday, and now I’m secretly wanting some UGG slippers.

Valentine’s Day is just two days away, right?

I’ll keep you posted if we started getting the white stuff. Otherwise, hope everyone enjoys the opening ceremony tonight! Stay warm!