Wheeler Graduates 8th Grade!

It’s hard to believe Wheeler graduated from middle school two weeks ago.

We put these posters up around the house on the morning of her graduation.

Wheeler chose this dress, only $40!  And Effie’s wearing this dress from a few years ago.

Always the sweetest sisters.

Starting 6th grade.

Ending 8th Grade.

6th Grade Orientation

Last Week of 8th Grade

Since Effie’s an officer for NJHS, she got to pass out programs at graduation.

You’ll notice Wheeler’s award she’s holding in these photos.  During graduation with over 350 of her graduation peers in attendance, she was given the Al Sharrod Gilliard Award.  None of us were expecting it and it made me cry.  Just so proud of her!  To watch the speech, head over to this post.

Afterward, she asked to go to a restaurant on the ocean.  We chose the rooftop at Coconut Joe’s so we could relax and they could play on the beach.

So thankful that both sets of her grandparents were able to attend!

I wore this dress.  Perfect for the occasion and will continue to toss it on all summer long.  Fits true to size.  Wearing a small.

One very special girl!  Prayers that she continues to shine her light and be such a good example to her siblings.