What We’ve Been Up To Lately + What I Wore

Alright y’all, I promise this is the last of the recaps for awhile!  Wore our Carolina Blue last week to church after a big win against Miami the night before!  I’m still obsessing over these style dresses.  Seriously so comfy and I always receive so many compliments on them…even when I feel like they’re cozy enough to wear as pajamas.  Only $25.  Can’t beat that!

Effie really wanted to take a selfie of us at lunch.

From a Tarheel win to cheering on the Carolina Panthers.  Sadly, they didn’t play as well as our Tarheels.  Here’s hoping they get a W this week!  How fun are these earrings??  I’ve been wearing them a lot lately.

Vaughn insisted on a special dinner one night, which means he just wants to drink his milk out of a champagne glass.

This candle is by far my favorite.  It used to be the Nest Pumpkin Chai, but this Spiked Cider one has been my go-to for the past few Fall seasons.

Painted my nails this darker color for Fall.

Effie started gymnastics this year and absolutely loves it!  I’ll admit it’s kind of fun picking out new leotards for her.  Got this one here.

And this one is another cute one I love!

My new painting by my dear friend, Caroline Swetenburg.

Y’all, this is the coolest watch by Hook + Gaff!  Lanier absolutely loves it!  It’s called the King Tide Watch and helps you keep track of tides which he needs for the boat.  The other cool thing is that the crown is on the opposite side, so it doesn’t bump against your wrist.  Pretty genius!  Would make a great gift for any boat lover in your life.

Enjoying lunch at one of my favorite spots after a tough tennis match!  How cute is this dress?  I’m wearing a medium.  I’m so tall that many tennis dresses end up looking like tunics on me, so I always just think of it as a long tank whenever I wear them.  But they’re still my favorite.  This dress is a new one that one of my tennis teams just ordered.  I always wear these shorts under them that can still hold balls because it has built in underwear.

Effie has been begging me all summer for pink high tops.  I told her once school started that I would buy her pair.  Let’s just say she’s in heaven!  Her cute little top is only $10!

Vineyard Vines just created a new Instagram account featuring Vineyard Vines Women.  You’ll also notice when shopping in stores now that there will be a section for it too.  I’m wearing these VV earrings that I picked up recently.


Just finished this book.  Such a great read!  Still so sad to see Dorothea Benton Frank leave us so soon…and so quickly too!  And another Southern novelist, Anne Rivers Siddons that wrote so much about her love for the low country just passed away last week.  Her book, Low Country, has always been one of my favorites.  As quoted by another one of my favorite authors Elin Hildebrand, “If I could only read one writer from now until the end of my life, it would be Dorothea Benton Frank.”  Next book I just started, via many of your rec – Queen Bee.

Dress // Crossbody // Sandals // Earrings

Lanier and I went to see Footloose last night at Dock Street Theater.  It’s always nice to get away for a little date night.  It was a fabulous show!  I’ve seen it in New York and in Charlotte a few times.  Never gets old!  The music and dancing is always fun to watch!

Okay, next week, it’s all about Fall!  It’s always hard for me to post about cooler weather clothes when it’s 80+ degrees out, but this week we had a few 60 degree mornings and it got me in the Fall mood.  Well, that and my Fall scented candle.  And in all honesty, Fall doesn’t even start until the 23rd, so I feel like I’m not too far behind on Fall Fashion just yet.  And now that I’m all caught up on our life lately, I’ll be sharing lots of Fall-inspired looks and styles with you next week.  Can’t wait!

I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!  We’re headed to Charlotte this weekend to visit my family and I cannot wait to get there.   It’s sad to admit, but I haven’t been home since early June!  Next time it will not be this long that I make it back home.  That’s not to say that I haven’t seen my family since then, but it’s always good to get back.