Wednesday Whereabouts: Part 2 + What I Wore

What a week was had by all!  All the cousins, all together.  Makes me so happy!

Breakfast is served!

Couldn’t resist a Bloody Mary by the pool!  Wearing this cover-up that I still love so much!

Lanier and his sister’s kiddos in matching pjs!  I ordered these through my friend Sarah and she monogrammed them too!

Carried along my jelly striped jacks!

I mean, who doesn’t play Bingo at the beach?  This is only get better as the kids get older!

One of my favorite things to do at the beach has been walking at night.  The sand is cooler, it’s so quiet and if it’s not too cloudy you can see so many stars.  Love being in such a peaceful place.

My favorite style dress I wore on the trip!  Really hoping they come out with more prints in this style!  Paired it here with these earrings and these sunnies.

In keeping with the same theme as last year, the littles put on another performance.  This year it was The Greatest Showman (which the girls quickly changed to ‘The Great Showgirls’).  They performed every single song, even incorporated the youngest cousins as lions and tigers.  They go all out and especially love giving everyone autographs when it’s over. // Wheeler’s wearing this cute romper.

Lanier’s dad is to the left and his cousin, to the right.

There are so many names for this game.  We call it Celebrity, but I’ve also heard Fish Bowl among others.  Whatever you call it, it’s awesome.  Played it lots of nights while we were there, after the kids went to bed.  Always entertaining.

Always one of my favorite meals on the trip – Willy’s Sushi!

Sweet baby girl.  So little.  Makes me want another.  Don’t you love the teeny tiny braid I gave her?

Loved wearing this gloss on the trip.  A subtle hint of shine and SPF15.

Poppy and his boys.

Captured this pic one evening walking on the beach watching the heat lightning.

Breakfast is served!

Lanier’s sister’s husband brought this from Macon, Georgia.  Delicious!  Wearing this bracelet that I got during the Anniversary Sale.

So much for reading four books at the beach, but I’m almost finished with Surprise Me and it’s so good!  If you’re familiar with Sophie Kinsella, you’ll love this book!

Wearing this top that I absolutely adore.  It’s heavy enough that it’s not too see-through, love the cute tassels, it’s not too fitted and honestly, just super comfy.  Trust me, you’ll love it.  Fits true to size.


With all the families that stay in one house, we each take turns making dinner.  Lanier made ours – a lowcountry boil!  He seriously has it down to a science!  So good!

We visited The Joggling Board while we were in town.  Love that place!

The cutest cover-up!  I honestly think it’s so cute, you could pull it off as a dress too. // Flip Flops // Wooden Bag

We couldn’t resist matching in Lilly!  I’m wearing this top and the girls are wearing these dresses!  My absolute favorite print this summer!

Okay y’all, bear with me as I try to explain this.  Lanier has one sister and one first cousin on one side.  These are his sister’s kids and his cousin’s (plus ours).  This is who all spent the week together this past week, as we try and do every year.  Yes, in the same house.  All cousins!  But here’s the best part!  There are 10 of them and they’re all one year apart!  How cool is that?  Just an awesome trip!  Already looking forward to beach week next summer!

Yesterday’s post, I share more pics from our vacay and it was all about our swimsuits.  Head back here, in case you missed it!

We’re heading to Spartanburg today to celebrate my grandfather’s birthday!  The kids and I are so excited to see him!  Hope y’all have a happy Thursday!