Wednesday Whereabouts + OOTD + Kate Spade Sale

Last Thursday, one of my sisters, her husband and son vacationed near us.  Their pool was heated, so we couldn’t resist visiting them one day when the weather was just right! // Maaji Cover-Up (on sale) // I’ve had these Ray-Bans for awhile now.  Many people like this particular style because the tear drops aren’t as extreme as the normal ones.
 The girls had no problem getting back into their swim routine.  Cannonballs, mermaids, you name it.  At the end of the day, I had to drag them out of the water!
It’s crazy how quickly the weather can change around here.  The next day, it was cold and windy.  Glad I hadn’t stored all of our cold weather clothes just yet! // Effie’s Dress (now on sale!) // Flats // Jeans // Striped Top (similar here) // Cardigan (color is sold out, but I love this one)
The Tarheels played on Friday night.  Of course the girls wanted nothing to do with watching the game, but their dad sure did.  He was a sport though, and played a few games…although he did lose pretty quickly each time.  Ha.
 My sister and her family stayed with us on Friday night, so we were very sad to see little B go on Saturday! // I was going to save Effie’s PJs for her Easter Basket but she saw them out the other day, and begged to wear them.
 Logan calls this the “Tickle Smile.”  When we want him to smile for a pic he’ll tell us to do the “tickle smile” and it actually works!  Big smile from my sweet boy.  Wish Vaughn would agree to it too!  // Top (similar here and here) // Sandals
It ended up getting pretty windy at our picnic on Saturday, so the girls used their picnic blankets to keep them warm. // Seriously cannot get enough of their sparkle shoes.  I’ve been buying them for the past two years, and still love them.  Just like the Saltwater Sandals, there are a lot of colors you can choose and they style stays the same from year to year.
Having a little downtime one afternoon.  The children don’t nap as long as they used to before we moved, because we have to get Wheeler from school earlier in the afternoon.  So the days where I had more time to chill, finish up laundry, empty the dishwasher while they napped, have been limited.  When Wheeler finishes school in June, I’m hoping the summer months will bring more time for naps and quite time again.
 The girls and I went to see Cinderella this week!  I think I was just excited as they were.  It is the best movie!  Also, the short Frozen Forever shows before the movie starts.  I seriously think the girls loved that part just as much! // My outfit details are below.
One of my friends invited us to her house yesterday for a pool playdate!  Thought it would be the perfect opportunity to don my new cover-up.  I’m a 4/6 and this is a small.  It’s definitely flowy, but that’s what I love about it!  Hurry though, most sizes and colors have sold out!
And my new watch is still on sale!
From $225 to $135.
Still enjoying these days so much!
One of my OOTDs this week…

Also, Kate Spade just announced their Surprise Sale!  It’s the Wedding Edition, but there’s still a lot of cute things besides exclusive wedding pieces.
I love this cute little Tiffany Blue Jewelry Box.
Nordstrom Card Holders, if there’s something that’s been on your wish list, now’s the time to pull the trigger.  Get Triple Points when you shop today through March 22nd!  Means you’ll receive your $20 Note Rewards a lot faster!
Happy Wednesday!