Wednesday Whereabouts: Logan’s 7th Birthday + Wedding Weekend Options

Logan’s 7th Birthday Party had to be celebrated early, since the hurricane was expected to arrive here over the weekend.  It actually worked out better because we got to surprise him and he was so excited to see all of his buddies yell out “Surprise!”  His one request for his party was a Ninjago theme.  Lots of requests on where I got Logan’s ‘Dude’ shirt.  I got it from J.Crew awhile ago, but I know it was available during Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale too.  There are a few left here.

Nothing like a 45-minute heads up to set up his party, but it was the smartest thing we did that week!  And we got lucky that I had the perfect amount of everything, even party favors, to go around.

Effie’s Dress is an old Little Essie that I scored during Lilly’s After Party Sale this past January.  This one is the same style in a similar print.  Wheeler’s Tee // Vaughn’s Polo

I had a lot of you ask where his cake was from.  It’s a Carvel Ice Cream Cake from our local grocery store.  I just added the characters when we got home.  They came in a Ninjago 16-pack here.

He is still continuing to love all of his LEGO gifts and never gets tired of putting them together.

Extending the celebrations, we also had to honor his special day on his actual birthday, the 16th.  This is another cake from our local grocery store.  The inside was confetti cake too.  So good!

This cheese never gets old!

I think it’s safe to say he has enjoyed his birthday festivities immensely!  He brings so much happiness and light into our world, it’s hard not to smile when you’re around him.  Loving life every single day, and most especially on his birthday!

And yet another day to celebrate, at school!  Loved watching class sing him happy birthday!  The biggest grin, looking at all of his classmates.

Even at 7, he still requests to ride in the grocery cart!  Just love it!

My inlaws came in town a few weekends ago for a short trip.  The kids loved seeing their Poppy…

…and their Grammy.  I hadn’t been to Poogan’s Porch in a long time, but it was absolutely delicious!

What We Wore to the Theater

Me: Dress // Sunnies // Necklace

Girls: Effie’s Blue Dress (on sale!) // Sandals // She’s holding my purse. // Wheeler’s Dress is from this past Spring from Pink Chicken.

Post-Church Lunch Cuties

My date with Vaughn to The Waffle House last weekend.  He insisted on bringing his LEGOs too.

Wearing my Georgia colors to cheer on the Bulldogs a few weekends ago with Old Red. Top // Bottom // Sunnies

It’s hard to believe, but my sister’s wedding is THIS weekend!  I’m still deciding on what to wear to all the festivities, but these dresses are in the running.   Love the shape and fit of this one (also available here).

Dress // Necklace

Love the colors, silky fabric and swing of this one (also available here).  Would be perfect for the Bridesmaid Luncheon outdoors.

The eyelet on this dress is gorgeous too!  So many choices and I ordered a few more too, so we’ll see what I finally decide come Friday!

Hope y’all have been having a great week so far!

Happy Wednesday!