Wednesday Whereabouts: Happy December!

I hope y’all are having a wonderful December so far!  On Saturday, we uploaded all of my recent iPhone pics to my iMac’s external hard drive.  I have 35,000 pics stored on the external hard drive.  Well, apparently that’s just too many for it to hold or something.  When I click on a specific image to see it up close, it freezes and it won’t let me go to the next pic or do anything else in iPhoto for that matter.  It’s extremely frustrating and I don’t know what to do.  Like I’ve said before, I’m only familiar with iPhoto, I’ve never used Photo Shop or any other photo app.  Is there something else I can do?  I really want to be able to access all of my previous photos.  Hope y’all can help!
So for this week’s Wednesday Whereabouts, most of these I pulled from Instagram, or they were pics I took after Saturday’s upload.  Enjoy!
Effie attended a birthday party at Defy Gravity on Friday afternoon.  We LOVE this place!
Girls’ Date – Wheeler saying, “I bit off his hat!”
It poured on Saturday, so while Effie attended a party at Chuck E. Cheese, Wheeler and I played all the games too.  Lanier was home with the boys.  They aren’t big fans of “the big mouse,” so they were happy to stay at home.
Top (old Lilly Elsa, similar here) // Jeans // Flats // Crossbody // Earrings // Watch
On Saturday afternoon, the girls and I headed to a neighborhood Christmas party.  It’s always been a girls’ only party.  I think it’s the seventh year running?
Because this is how everyone should enjoy the lights on the tree, right?
Still haven’t found a tree skirt!
On Saturday night, we settled in to watch “Peter Pan Live” – the kids loved it!
Later on Saturday night, Wheeler lost her THIRD tooth!  I feel like now that this one is gone, she looks so different and grown up.  Bittersweet! // Bow Nightgown
On Sunday morning, we decided to decorate our Christmas Tree.
And then I watched Vaughn play with one of the little ornaments on the bottom of the tree and the entire tree came crashing down on top of him!  Thankfully, he was alright, but we did lose some sentimental ornaments.
I think the kids like the nice open space where the tree used to be.  We’ve still got to get another one.  The one we had was a little too lopsided.
On Sunday, Wheeler chose this Frozen hairstyle from this book, to wear.  Currently on sale for $9.
 On Sunday afternoon, my parents (Gigi and Grandaddy to the kids) took the kids to see Santa, ride a miniature train, and eat crepes for lunch. // Logan’s Coat // Effie’s // Wheeler’s
On Sunday, my friend and I attended Nordstrom’s After-Hours Holiday Shopping Event.  We had the best time!  They served everything from cranberry vodka cocktails and champagne to white wine and beer, while you shopped. // Kate Spade Pink Crossbody // Elizabeth McKay Blouse (on sale) // YSL Rose Asarine Lip
And the food was super delicious too!  My favorites were the short rib dumplings (pictured on the right).
Happy Wednesday!