Wednesday Whereabouts + Favorite Tassel Earrings: Now Available!

Yummy bites last week at Red’s on Shem Creek.

To say Logan loves his new tractor shirt is an understatement.  He wants to wear it every single day.  Well, that and this ‘Star Wars’ one I got at Target.
Over the weekend I perfected my fishtail again.  Effie loved it!
On Saturday, we visited some friends from home vacationing at Wild Dunes.  Saturday was an especially good day, as I finished ALL of my laundry – including sorting all the socks in the “socks basket.”  I don’t think I’ve accomplished this feat in over a year!  It’s Wednesday and I can say with confidence that I’m still on top of the laundry.  We’ll see how long this lasts, but it sure feels good to have a spacious laundry room for the time being.
What We’re Wearing

Swim Top // Cover-Up // Reversible Purple Bikini (on sale!) // Striped Ruffle Bikini // Flip Flops // Octopus Aqua Swim Trunks (on sale with an additional 30% off with code: SHOPNOW) // Colorblock Swim Trunks
Wheeler woke up on Saturday and piled on all of this jewelry.  She also had on tons of bracelets and rings, and went directly downstairs to play the piano.  Had to snap a pic of her in all her fanciness!  Getting way too old!
My parents were hanging out with their friends in town over the weekend, but stopped by for a little bit, before heading out of town.  We took them on a golf cart and tried to extend their visit, but in the end, they had to head back home.
Vaughn, clearly in his element when he found this light saber at a friend’s house.  Look at that smile!
As I mentioned on Monday’s post, just so proud of Logan for learning to swim without floaties!  My kids sure do love the water!

The girls were gifted these golden piggy banks a few years ago.  The boys have started to ask for their own.  I found this BB-8 and R2-D2 bank at Nordstrom of all places.  The boys LOVE them!
Yesterday, Vaughn and I had our last one-on-one date for the summer.  Pretty bittersweet.  The boys’ last day of school is today!  Still can’t believe this school year is already over!
We enjoyed lunch at Poe’s outside, right before it downpoured!  Their burgers are amazing!  I got one of my favorites – the Amontillado.
Speaking of rain, it hasn’t stopped since yesterday afternoon.  I’m crossing my fingers it doesn’t last too long this week!

So excited to share with y’all that these tassel earrings are now available!  Y’all know I’m not a huge fan of dangly earrings unless they’re really lightweight.  These are!  They’re $42 and come in seven different colors!  I’m already trying to decide which  color to score next – probably the hot pink!  Trust me, y’all will love them as much as I do!  As for this dress, many of you have asked which bra I’ve been wearing with it.  It’s this NuBra 3D.  I’ve tried many different kinds of bras like this, and they lose their stickiness pretty quickly.  This one doesn’t, and I’ve already worn it multiple times.
Hope y’all are having a great week so far!