Wednesday Whereabouts

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What a fun week away!
 One day, we went and visited one of my dear friends and got to hang out and catch up with our old playgroup.  Isn’t he precious?
 We also celebrated my niece’s birthday on her actual birthday, last Wednesday!
 All the grandkids, minus the two babies that the parents were holding.
 He’d loved cleaning up after meals.  I need to get one of these for our house.
 Hanging out with my newest nephew – only two weeks old! // Plaid PJ Pants
 My Girls
Logan and his car.  He was obsessed with this thing, the entire week.  If you look carefully, you’ll notice that he collected just about everything from my parents’ yard…a rain gauge, a bird feeder, etc.
With my sweet four-month old nephew.
 Go Tigers!
 Wheeler with her cousin.
 Thanksgiving meals will do that to you.
What I Wore

Dress // Cardigan // Clogs (on sale, size up a half-size) // Earrings // Ring
With my grandfather (my mom’s father).  So glad he could make the trip to visit us on Thanksgiving!

 On Saturday, we went and visited extended and the weather couldn’t have been more beautiful!  Wearing this topthis vest and these sunglasses.
Tons of play time!


 A playdate at our favorite place!  It serves coffee and there’s a place for the kids to play!
While we had a great week, the boys were so excited to head back to school on Monday and see their teachers and friends again.  Some of you have asked about these fleece jackets, and if they’re still available.  Unfortunately, these are oldies but goodies by Little Follies.  If I find something similar, I’ll let you know!
Hope y’all are having a great week so far!