Wednesday Whereabouts

What a week!  This past Friday night, my friend Lindsey hosted a pool party at her house.  We all had the best time and the kids did too!

Talk about a crew!

How delicious does this charcuterie board look that my friend prepared?

Wore this dress, but tied it up at the bottom so it wouldn’t get wet.

A recent outfit.  Still loving this tank for summer.  Soft, long and flowy.  Paired it with these Shorts // Sandals // Watch

I’ll blame our old age for getting our anniversary date wrong this year.  So we both thought it was on Saturday, the 24th but we didn’t realize it until the next day that it was actually on Monday, the 26th.  Oops!  We always confuse 6.26.04 and 6.24.06.  We celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary.  Still can’t believe we’ve been together longer than we’ve been apart (19 years)!

We’re at Ocean Isle Beach this week staying with my inlaws (Poppy and Grammy to the kids).  They didn’t get to celebrate her birthday at her party so they had a cute little set-up when we arrived.  She was so excited!

Fun Flip Flops

Surfer Dudes (still loving these lobsters swim trunks on Logan)

My swim cover-up is now on major sale – only $38! // Sunnies

Wheeler’s Anchor Dress is on sale for only $15!

Even Logan loved kayaking!

The kids and I have enjoyed coloring these books together by Liz Libré.  They’re currently on sale!

Go Poppy!

Wheeler created this Eiffel Tower masterpiece that she found in one of her kids’ cookbooks!

Having such a great week!  Thankful the weather has been amazing!  Hope y’all are having a great week too!

Happy Wednesday!