Wednesday Whereabouts

Aside from Saturday’s rainy day, we’ve had the best weather this week.  The Charleston heat hasn’t quite hit permanently for the summer yet, so we’re taking advantage of the cooler days while we can.  As soon as we got back from Mexico, the boys begged me to take them to the aquarium…one of their favorite spots!

So proud of my boys at their karate demonstration last week!

Wearing this dress.

Took this out on the boat on Friday evening.  Still can’t get over how well the portrait mode works on the iPhone 7 Plus!

Out of the blue Wheeler asked me if she could use my phone to take a photo of a letter she typed for me.  She’s a special one (the one that made me a mama).

These answers were from Logan.  The last one’s my favorite.  And the boat song, food and puzzles are Logan’s favorites, so I’m sure he answered about himself.

Vaughn’s were super sweet too.  The one about the golf cart I’ve never even thought about how much he loves doing that with me.  I love that.

I love all of these so much!  I don’t have one of these for Effie, but she made me a clay bird’s nest with six little eggs in it, an egg for each person in her family.

And she was the first one in bed with me on Mother’s Day morning, asking if I wanted to play her in War.

We had Charlotte friends stay with us on Sunday night, so we couldn’t resist taking them out for a boat/beach day.  This was their daughter’s first time on a boat, so we had to make it epic!

Catching Effie taking a selfie with her plastic Barbie phone.  She knows the perfect angle!  Haha.

We also hung out with other friends that afternoon at the beach.  Just the best day!

Since the boys are finishing up school this week, I asked them where they wanted to go for a special lunch on Monday and they begged to go to Taco Boy.

Love my boys so much!

I got in a little tennis on Tuesday morning, it was hot but such a great work-out as always!  We hit up Poe’s for lunch.  I got The Sleeper and it was delicious!  So I posted about this crossbody yesterday, but wanted to share more pics to give you a better idea of what it looked like. // Sunnies

 Just love that it can hold my iPhone 7 Plus so well.

So Logan got this little snorkel set and he tried it out for the first time yesterday and took to it so quickly.  The little flippers helped him swim so much better, less fast kicking and more smooth.

Pool days are the best days! // Effie’s Suit

Say goodbye to their friends last night!

Loving this lightweight toss-on dress that’s perfect for the summer heat.  Versatile enough to dress up or down. // Wedges (now 30% off)

Kate Spade just started their 75% off sale!  Lots of great stuff!

Ends on Friday at midnight.

I seriously need to do a round-up of everything I’m loving from J.Crew right now.  I dogeared almost all the pages in my latest catalog.  How cute are these little pineapple earrings?  And that’s only the beginning!

Happy Wednesday, Y’all!