Wednesday Whereabouts

Hard to believe, but yesterday it was 80 degrees here!  Knowing that the weather was going to be cooler the next few days, we decided to take the boat out to dinner.  We probably didn’t have to wear swimsuits, but the girls insisted. // Cover-Up // Sunnies // Scalloped Swim Top

Pink Terry Cover-Up // Striped Cover-Up

The BEST time!

Wheeler loves crab!  It used to be shrimp, but now she’s becoming a crab lover.  When the waiter asked what she wanted, she didn’t look at the menu, she asked the waiter, “May I please have some crab?” Haha.

Love how they love!  There’s nothing better than a strong sister bond.

A gorgeous sunset in Charleston last night.  “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight.”

I posted about these shoes on Monday’s post.  I played with them yesterday for the first and they were surprisingly comfortable.  I wasn’t sure, thinking they were more of a fashion shoe and not a shoe to actually wear playing tennis, but they were great!  For fit, they run a little big.  I’m an 8.5 and got an 8 in them.

And this tennis bag is amazing!  As I stated last week, it has every feature you want in a tennis bag – pockets for cans of balls, your iphone, your water bottle.  The zipper compartment on the bottom is a great spot to store your shoes, and the little tassel tennis ball key fob is just so cute.  Plan on using this one for years and years to come!  // Tennis Dress // Speed Shorts // Sports Bra // Tennis Shoes // Fitbit

A few weeks ago, the girls had Wacky Wednesday and I forgot to show you their outfits.  Aren’t they too cute?  They put them together themselves!

Speaking of wacky, how about our wigs we wore to a party a few weeks ago?  Lanier’s wig cracks me up and I can safely say I wouldn’t be a very good redhead. // My dress is old Mara Hoffman from a few years ago.

If you haven’t tried the new Chorizo Sausage Biscuit at Starbucks yet, it is delicious!  Could seriously eat it everyday!

Wheeler has been the pot holder queen lately.  She makes them for everyone!

Just proud of her that she mastered her jump roping skills!

A group hug for Perri at Camp Perri.

Her brother Tanner and his friend Pete are getting ready to attempt to circle around the world by sail in just a few short weeks!  Follow along on their journey here!

A few weeks ago, we attended a necklace pop-up shop hosted by Riley and her father John of Gunner & Lux.  The girls had the best time making necklaces.  They also loved this little glitter tattoo station. // Wheeler’s Dress

Riley & Effie // Her Dress

Afterward, the kids all headed to a Super Hero Birthday Party.  Not sure what super hero Effie was supposed to be, but she was insistent on wearing this blue wig.


As I mentioned last week, the kiddos all had strep throat, so they missed Thursday and Friday of school.

I must admit I kind of loved all the extra snuggling!

That’s a lot of meds!

I let them dress themselves on St. Patrick’s Day.  They apparently thought that everything they wore had to be green!  I think they did a pretty good job doing that.  Haha.

All of My Green

Love this little sporty crossbody.  Fits my iPhone 7 Plus perfectly!  It has pockets on the back side too that can hold a few credit cards. // Sunnies // Charleston Rice Beads worn as bracelets // Ring

Beauty & the Beast Review

Since many of y’all asked for a review, here you go.  First off, on whether it’s scary or not.  So it’s pretty much exactly like the Disney movie, down to the music, aside from a few scenes and musical numbers they added in.  So if you’re child remembers the movie and knows what happens and remembers the scary scenes, these scenes are exactly like in the Disney movie.  But if they’re not familiar with the Disney version, they may be a little more frightened in some scenes because they don’t know what’s going to happen, if that makes sense.  We absolutely loved it!  Just like in the Cinderella remake, the cinematography was incredible, the costumes were amazing and they couldn’t have done a better job with the casting.  I cannot wait to see which Disney movie they’ll remake next! And I’m so thankful that my kids are at the age right now, that we get to see so many of them at the movie theater. // Top (the striped tee underneath is attached) // Shorts // Crossbody

If you’re on the hunt for an Easter dress (no pun intended), I’m loving this one.  It’s only $129 and looks way more expensive with the gorgeous lace insets and it’s lined.  Plus, how pretty are the blouson sleeves? // Wedges

Y’all, I completely forgot to include the details on this colorful maxi dress on yesterday’s ‘Loving Lately’ post.  It was in the collage, but I left out the link and the details.  Seriously though, how beautiful is it?

The winner of the Tocca perfume is…

Abby L

She wrote: “My Church by Maren Morris! So good to play loud with the windows down and sing!”

Congratulations!  Email me with your shipping info, and I’ll get your perfume mailed out to you soon!  Also, a reader asked about my boxwood topiaries.  I got them here, and they’re currently on sale!

Hope y’all are having a great week!