Top 20 Faves of 2020

Gold Eye Patches // Black Tank // Shibori Work-Out Top // Blue Sports Bra // CE Ferulic // Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask // Earrings // Straightener // Airpods // Align Pant // Lip Repair // Olaplex Hair Treatment // Blanket // Radiance Recharge Set // Apple Watch // Mask Set // Running Shoes // Hair Brush // Sunglasses

Sharing my top picks from 2020!  Some of these are my tried and true faves I’ve used for years, while others are brand new faves that I can’t wait to try out in the new year!

Gold Eye Patches

Absolutely LOVE these eye patches.  I leave them in the fridge and apply them before an evening out or when my eyes need some depuffing.

 Black Tank

I love an array of tanks at Lulu, especially the Love Tank and have always thought about trying out this style.

 Shibori Work-Out Top

I love this style and was so excited to see it came out in this cool tie dye!  For fit, it runs small.  Go up a size.

 Blue Sports Bra

I have been loving this regatta blue in everything!  So excited they came out with it in my favorite sports bra!  Same as most Lulu, go up a size, as this runs small too.

 CE Ferulic

Of all the amazing skincare products in my arsenal, this is by far my absolutely favorite!  Your face will thank you, trust me!

 Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask

Every week, I apply this amazing resurfacing mask and leave it on overnight.  It has the best smell and works so well.  As soon as you apply it you’ll know what I’m talking about.  A little goes a long way, so this will last forever!


This is my favorite stud!  I’m always looking to see what colors Kendra comes out with each season.  This pretty pink with rose gold is beautiful!


I recently started using this one about a month or so ago and haven’t looked back.  Love how well it works and I feel like it protects my hair so much better than my old one.


I wear these every time I run!  For those of you who are against the airpods with cords because they always fell out, these will not.  I was so hesistant to try these because I always hated the airpods with cords when I ran.  They never worked for me.  Well, I guess the cords pulled them out because without them, these work so well!  I rarely have trouble with them falling out on my runs!  You can personalize them for FREE too!

 Align Pant

Love my align pants so much!  Definitely my favorite style of leggings by far.  For fit, I always go up a size.

 Lip Repair

This lip treatment works so well and lasts forever!  Because you only use a small amount each time, it’ll last you at least a year!  Or at least it has for me.

 Olaplex Hair Treatment

I apply this once a week to wet hair (not clean) and sleep in it.  I’ve been doing this for years and I swear it has saved my hair from breakage from coloring it.


Can’t say this enough but this blanket is the BEST!  I use mine every single day!

 Radiance Recharge Set

In all honesty, this is one of my new finds in 2021.  I’ve had my eye on this set for awhile now and really want to try it out.  I’ve heard rave reviews about it, so I’ll keep you posted!

 Apple Watch

Y’all know I can’t live without my watch as much as I can’t live without my coffee.  If you’re still on the fence, it’s worth it in so many ways.  I use it for phone calls, fitness, etc.  And the newest style can even measure your oxygen levels which I think is the coolest thing!  I get asked a lot about what size face I have.  I have the 44 as opposed to the 40.  I love the bigger face so much!  Easier to read.

 Mask Set

Because I can’t share a 2020 recap without including a mask set.  This is a classic set.  Would go with everything.

 Running Shoes

These have been my favorite running shoes for the past few years.  I run everyday and have never had trouble with them.  I got this color recently and can’t wait to wear them once the pair I’m wearing now wears out.


I’m a sunglasses addict, for sure, so it was hard to decide on which pair to share here.  I’d have to say these will always be a classic that I’ll always have at the top of my list.  They’re also the best for wearing under ball caps, which is super important when we’re at the beach, boating or at the pool.

Lip Gloss

This is by far my favorite lip gloss!  I love this one in the Bare Pink color.  Such a subtle neutral pretty pink color.

 Hair Brush

And finally, I’ll leave you with this brush.  I’ve probably been using this same style for over 20 years!  I’ve tried round brushes and different kinds throughout the years, but in the end, I always go back to this brush.  It’ll always be my fave!

Hopefully, this will give you some new picks you might want to try out in the new year!  It took me awhile to narrow down my list, but I feel like these are my absolute faves!  If I think of any more, I’ll make a list and share more next week.  And if you have any suggestions of your faves and want me to try them out, comment and let me know!

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