Top 10 Green Faves for St. Patrick’s Day!

Acrylic Earrings // Jacket // Sandals // Nautical Bracelet Set // Floral Earrings // Light Green Sandals // Sundress // Eyelet Dress //Surplus Green Dress // Pear Green Jacket

With today being St. Patrick’s Day, I thought I’d share some of my favorite green things lately!  It’s such a great color for spring and summer!

Acrylic Earrings

Can’t go wrong with a pair of these earrings.  Super lightweight too and will make any outfit pop!


I have a green in this shade that I bought for the winter.  So tempted to get this one for spring!


Love these!  They actually come in lots of colors, if you’re feeling like another color.  I’m kind of feeling the cool pink color.

Nautical Bracelet Set

You know I love anything coastal.  These little nautical accents are so cute!

Floral Earrings

Like the other earrings I featured, these would make any outfit pop.  They’re currently on sale for under $20!

Light Green Sandals

Such a pretty green for these sandals.  I have these in lots of colors and they’re always my go-to for the season.


Gorgeous shade with some sparkle too!  This brand always makes the prettiest dresses and cover-ups for summer!

Eyelet Dress

I have and own this one!  Can’t wait to wear it again soon!  For fit, it’s true to size.

Surplus Green Dress

Another beautiful, flowy dress.  Would be perfect for any spring/summer occasion!

Run Swiftly Top

Such a great color for year-round.  I could see this being even worn into the Fall.

Pear Green Jacket

I just ordered this one!  Love this color so much!  Have been patiently waiting for this color to come out in this style again.  Go up a size.  It runs small.

Hope y’all have a great day celebrating!  My kids were all decked out in green this morning.  I’ll share a pic soon!

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