Summer’s in Full Swing!

I hope y’all have been having a great summer so far!  We’ve been busy, but loving every minute of it!  This past week was the first week all summer where the kids were all home and not at camps and we had time to be together and do some fun activities!  We got in some beach time, went to a few movies and had a ball when we went bowling!  Honestly, my favorite part has been snacks and meal time.  Don’t get me wrong, while it’s been great doing fun activities with them away from the house, I love having all the kids around the table and just listening to their conversations and getting to hear about their latest thoughts on life.

As many of you know, I’m not the greatest cook, but I know what my kids love to eat and usually try to think of creative ways for them to enjoy their favorite foods.  One of them being Mexican!  The only problem was the day they all decided on Mexican, I didn’t have enough time to hit the store and pick up everything I needed for the meal.  That’s when my Walmart+ membership came to the rescue!  I know you’ve heard me rave about it before, but it saved me when I ordered the groceries I needed!  Love that I can get on and shop for fresh groceries and know they’ll arrive the same day with free delivery from my local store!  So much easier!

Not only do I love ordering groceries using my Walmart+ membership, I was able to add a few new pieces to my tableware which I haven’t done in awhile and the kids loved it!  We’ve had the same silverware for years and years and they loved that we added some new pretty gold pieces to our collection, especially at under $30 for a four full place settings!  And at only $13, I was particularly in love with my new table runner.  A great classic color that I’ll use over and over again.  Plus, these white striped shatterproof tumblers are only $17 for the 8-pack!

And how great is this set of bowls for only $23?  I’m thinking these would not only look great in the kitchen, but as accent bowls for other areas of the house too.  Just love how much time the Walmart+ membership saves me.  Makes life so much easier!

Loving these little snack bowls too.  A 4-pack is less than $10!

I’m hoping to use this board very soon!  I’m picturing it covered with cheeses and meats for a great appetizer spread!  Would make a great gift too!  Only $23!

Lanier is definitely the cook in our family, so when he has time to whip something up for us, he’s always a big fan of white plates.  Ordered this whole set of six dinner plates for only $20!

Based on the smiles on their faces, they approved of my little Walmart grocery shopping trip!  And to think, it all arrived the same day with free delivery from my local store, since I have a Walmart+ membership!  As for how I create our usual Mexican spreads, I either put all the dips in the middle and make them quesadillas and chips for their plates, or the other way around.  Since they all love an assortment of different flavors of chips, each bowl had a different flavor I ordered.  My faves are always the chips with the lime flavor!

As far as the benefits go for Walmart+, it depends on where you live.  Different locations have different benefits.  Head over to the sign up page to determine which benefits your area includes.  Be sure and check out all the Walmart+ benefits here.  Trust me, you’ll love it!

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Thanks to Walmart for their partnership on this post.