Piano Recitals + Hello Contacts! + Memorial Day Fun

The girls played beautifully at their piano recital last month.  They each played a few pieces and then a duet.  I always love when they play their duet the most.  For this one, it was Piano Man.

Yes, Effie wore those princess heels to her first lesson.

So proud!  Effie’s wearing this style in a small.  Wheeler’s dress is old J.Crew.

And I’m wearing this dress in a small.

The day she got glasses!

With her sister by her side.

And now contacts!  She had trouble the first few days with putting them in, but now she pops them in without any problem.

A few weeks ago, our sweet Smoke got fixed.  He did great!

Always a favorite view of mine when we’re all sitting on the couch together.

We had a great Memorial Day and enjoyed the day off from school.

We LOVED The Little Mermaid!

Wearing this dress, sunnies and earrings.  Fits true to size.  Wearing a small.