Our Weekend + What I Wore

What a fun weekend!  We started the weekend off with a double date night.  I’ll share more about our evening in an upcoming post.  Let’s just say it was a really cool experience!  Wore this taffeta party dress.  For fit, it runs a little big, but the straps are adjustable.  I’m wearing a 4.  I paired my dress with these shoes (true to size) and these earrings (that were gifted to me by Maggie Gavigan).

Effie brought home her class pet, a little guinea pig named Pepper.  I swear she didn’t put him down the entire weekend.  A true animal lover.

We created our own advent wreath at church.

I’ve always been a fan of Blue Mercury.  I love shopping both downtown and out at Freshfields.  Talk about all the best makeup and skincare!  And I swear they always have the best samples.

They were kind enough to treat me to their m-61 line.  I was already a fan, as you’ve seen in previous posts, but now I think I’ll be hooked.  The PowerGlow Peel pads sell every five seconds!

The Gradual Tan pads are a great add-on to the Power Glow Peel.

One of my readers told me they cut these PowerSpot pads into squares and apply it on zits when they start popping up, and keep the rest in a ziploc bag to make them last longer.  Pretty smart.

I just love that they’re so easy to use and that they work so well!  The Vitamin C pads are the ones I’ve always used and loved, that gives my skin a great glow.

Getting excited!  My stamps came in last week for my Christmas cards!  Can’t wait to get them mailed out soon!


The girls had their first basketball game on Saturday.  Talk about a learning experience.  I think our girls are too sweet and not aggressive enough…yet.  But I think they’ll start getting the hang of it sooner than later.

Cutest little fan!

On Saturday night, my tennis team had a party and we had the BEST time!  Love these ladies so much!

Wore this top.  Absolutely LOVE the fabric, the quality and the print.  It’s currently on sale too!  Just a heads up though, it won’t last long.  Trust me.

We had an ornament exchange at the party.  I ended up with this little sweet deer.  I wanted the llama, but it had already been traded too many times.  It’s from Celadon, but someone said it’s already sold out there.  We played a game called LCR.  Lots of y’all were asking how to play after you saw my Instastories from Saturday night.  It’s the easiest game and so much fun!  You don’t have to play with this much cash, our team knew the winner was going to give it to our tennis pro as a Christmas gift anyway, so the cash amounts around our table were random.  You can even use quarters.  It’s still fun!  LCR also makes a great stocking stuffer too, only $7!

How cute is her little tee and her headband?  Both are on  sale.  Also loving these cute Christmas tees, here, here and here.

Festive and merry at church on Sunday.  The girls are wearing these dresses.  I’m wearing this jacket that I’ve been raving so much about!  For fit, it’s true to size.

We headed out to the annual Christmas parade on Sunday evening.  They changed the route this year, which kind of bummed us out.  It used to start near the bridge and end down Coleman, but this year it started up Coleman and ended near the bridge.  So we picked the wrong side to sit on.  The kids still loved it nonetheless!  Next year, we’ll be ready!

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!

Oh, and I meant to share this with y’all when I shared my children’s gift guides, but another great gift for kids rather than video games, computer/laptop games, other gaming technology is a podcast.  Mine have continued to love the Pinna Podcast!  Like sometimes, I’ll hear Effie listening to it on her bed, just hanging out and listening.  Screen-free and ad-free, they seriously love it!  For a free 30 day trial, you can check it out here.

One more thing I wanted to share with you today are these garland strands.  I got them last year but when I posted about them, you said they sold out too quickly.  Well, they’re back in stock and currently on sale!  You can bend them super easily to your liking and they have battery powered lights with a timer option.  There are also little loops at the top, so you can hang them wherever.  The photo online has one laying across a mantle, which would be pretty too.

In case you missed yesterday’s post, I shared a round up of all of my Holiday Gift Guides so far.

Happy Tuesday, Y’all!