Our Weekend + A Cute Personalized Easter Gift for Under $10!

We had the best time over the weekend.  We headed home to visit family and we couldn’t wait to get to Charlotte to see everyone!  In the photo above, the kids went with me to get a carwash on our way.  It’d been way too long since they’ve ridden with me to get one.  The squeals of excitement were definitely memorable!  Cheap thrills!  I had someone ask how long I’ve had my suburban.  I’ve had it nine years and I still love it so much!  I get quite attached to my cars.  I drove a green 4-runner in college and was so sad to part with it when Wheeler and Effie were younger.  But it was giving me trouble after many miles and I needed a safer car.  I had a Highlander for about a year or so, before I had Vaughn, but clearly that wasn’t big enough for four kids and four carseats.

Y’all know I love my baby time.  Reid is the youngest of the grandchildren for now, but come July, we’ll have another boy.  My sister, Mary-Chase (Sister #6) is expecting her first!

Wheeler has almost caught up to my sister Courtney (Sister #3).

We got lots of pickleball in!  Here with Anna (Sister #2) and Kimberly (Sister #4).  It still amazes me that all of my sisters here all have virgin beautiful, dark hair and I was the one to go grey so early.  Got my first one at 16.

All the sweet grandchildren!  9 boys, 6 girls…soon to be 10 boys and 6 girls!

This is how we always say goodbye to anyone that leaves.  It could be that they’ll be back in a week or even the next day, but it’s always been a grand goodbye.

Wearing my Carolina blue to watch the Tarheels beat up on Duke.  Great win!

In my happy place with a sweet baby snuggled on me.

I couldn’t find any light blue in time when I was packing, so I tossed this tee, these earrings and this bracelet into my bag.  Drinking my dad’s tasty spicy margarita.  Always my fave!

Even though we were away, loved that that they could get in on their Breakfast & Bible Zoom call on Sunday morning.  They’ve been doing this every week with our church since the quarantine started and I just love it.  Such a great way to start the week!

The most beautiful blooms on my morning runs.  The weather was beautiful all weekend long!

I was getting a pic of of this outfit and my niece wanted to smile too!

Love her!  My sweater runs on the smaller side.  Wearing a size medium.  Paired here with this headband and my jeans are old, but this is the same style.  My sunnies are by Maui Jim and the style is called Summer Time.  I’ve looked everywhere, but I think they’re sold out.  I’ve had them a few years now.

My runs lately have been on the chillier side.  While I’ve actually gotten used to them, I will say it’ll be nice once the weather warms up and I won’t have to bundle up as much on my early morning runs.

Snuggling with their Boozer boy after school yesterday.

The boys had the best time on their backyard marsh adventure yesterday.  Came back with all kinds of treasures.  Logan had an old anchor hanging around his neck.  He had the chain and rope, but thankfully no anchor.  That would’ve been quite the work-out.

This is what the Swiftly Tech 2.0 Tank looks like in person.  The pink is a little darker than it looks online, but I still love it.  Fit is great.  Went up a size to an 8.

Wooden Personalized BunnyOnly $8!

Bunny EarsOnly $7.50!

Easter EggOnly $8!

Y’all, how cute are these personalized wooden bunnies?  They’d make the cutest gifts for Easter and would also be perfect for your Spring decor!  On sale right now from $7.50 to $10!  Such a steal!

Carolina plays in the ACC Tournament starting tomorrow night!  I sure hope they play well!  I ordered this dress and it comes in tomorrow – the perfect Carolina blue!

Happy Tuesday, Y’all!