Our Labor Day Weekend + What I Wore

Over the holiday weekend, we headed to Charlotte.  We were so excited to get back home!  We hadn’t been back since the 4th of July!

LOVE this dress!  Wearing a size 4.

Used my new weekender!

The boys wore their jerseys for Spirit Day! I have to preface the beginning of every football season with this…we have three college loyalties and sometimes it’s HARD!  Like over Labor Day Weekend, when Clemson played Georgia.  Which was an AWESOME game, by the way! I grew up a Tiger (my mom went there), Lanier grew up a Dawg (his parents went there) and Lanier and I both went to Carolina.  Can’t leave my dad out, he went to The Citadel and MUSC.  He somehow cheers for the Gamecocks these days.  Four of his girls went to UNC, one went to NC State and the youngest went to USC.  So I guess that’s why he now cheers for the Gamecocks.  Who knows. 🤷🏼‍♀️  I guess the main thing is that we love and watch lots of football!  We’re diehard Panthers fans too!  With all that said, we were soooo ready for College Football Game Day that was in Charlotte when we were there!

On Saturday morning, I went out for a run and wore my Clemson colors.

But it was only 55 degrees, so I put on this top too. // Shorts // Shoes

So excited for the game and LOTS of tailgates!  I think we managed to make it to about six of them!

Head over here to shop a similar look that I wore to the game.

We had a BLAST!

The next day, we went to the pool with my parents and one of my sisters and her kids.

I’ll admit, the water was a little chilly but the kids didn’t seem to mind!

My suit is by J.Crew from last year.  My sister’s suit is from here.  Only $30!

Logan was so excited to watch the Darlington race on Sunday night!

Wore this look on my Sunday run! // Top // Shorts // Shoes

Happy Thursday, Y’all!

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