Our Fun Week Continues + A New Pickleball Bag

Effie’s class has been working on Emmanuel 9 tributes and Effie’s group art piece is so beautiful and special.

Her teacher is amazing!

Reverend Thompson came to their school to see their tributes and spoke to them on the importance of love and forgiveness.  His wife Myra was one of the nine victims in 2015.

Wheeler and Logan were doubles partners on the school team last week.  Love it!

The girls wanted to go back for more night tennis the other night to watch Shelby Rogers play.

It was a hot one for the boy’s field day this week!

It wasn’t pretty, but here’s proof that I ran the bridge run last weekend!

Yesterday’s tennis day was so special!  Wheeler and I had really great seats and loved every minute of it!  So many great matches!

Ons Jabeur had an awesome match!  So excited she won!

Next up was Pegula.  Another win!  I know many of y’all don’t follow women’s tennis, but her parents own the Buffalo Bills.

Watched more Shelby!

Then a Madison Keys win!

My dress is from last summer, but I found one more available here.

Wheeler wanted to stay and watch doubles.  The match lasted until after midnight, but she was determined to watch it all.  And the Americans won in a tie break!  So worth it!

Yesterday afternoon, Wheeler and I got on tv!  That was definitely the highlight of the day!  I looked and saw us on the screen and thankfully Wheeler noticed, before they cut away from us.

One of my new cute sweatshirts!

I just started getting into pickleball more and love it!  Don’t get me wrong, tennis will always be #1, but I always tell people pickleball is no pressure and fun!  How cute is this new pickleball bag?  Only $80!  You can choose from so many different colors.

We’ve been soaking in all of this beautiful weather as much as we can this week.  We’re going from 70/80s all week to rainy and 50s this weekend.  Not looking forward to that.  But hoping to get things done around the house, since I feel like I’ve been gone all week with tennis and their after-school activities.

For more tennis and what I wore…

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You can shop all of my latest posts here.  Hope y’all have a great Easter weekend!