Our Christmas

On Christmas Eve, Wheeler was Mary at our church’s Christmas Pageant.  Her cousin James was Jesus.  Such a special moment!  My parents have 16 grandchildren.  Wheeler is the oldest and James is the youngest.

She did such a great job soothing him the entire service.

Enjoying our tradition of Yamato on Christmas Eve.  We’ve been doing this for over five years and still love it so much!

And on with the traditions, the children carol to lots of friends and neighbors after dinner.

Still barely squeezing onto the top step on Christmas morning!

Stockings first!

Will never forget the year of the Pokemon cards.  This past year, Vaughn has been obsessed.  Wondering how much longer this trend will last!

We had another magical Christmas!  So very blessed in so many ways and never ever take it for granted.

Merry Christmas!