Our Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

We had a wonderful Christmas break!  This year, Logan played Joseph and Wheeler was the Angel Gabriel.  Effie also read the Prayer of Dedication and Vaughn helped with the offering.  Makes me so happy that they’re all so willing to help with this pageant at church each year.  Logan wasn’t planning on being Joseph, but the original Joseph got sick.

It was freezing over the break, so we thought of creative things to do indoors.  Vaughn was pretty impressed with the height of this one.

Some Christmas Bingo!

Even rollerblading and rollerskating in the house watching the Christmas episodes of Lego Masters.

They love decorating their tree in the playroom with all of the ornaments they’ve made over the years.

I share this every year, but each Christmas Eve, the children all stand in front of the mantle with their stockings while we ask them lots of random questions about their year.  And then they sing a carol for us.  We grew up doing the same thing at our house.  Such a fun, special time!

Christmas Morning.  Too big to fit on the same step this year!

Effie was so excited that I actually found the squishmallow named EFFIE!

Happiness is THIS!

This was this year’s Christmas card.  On the back we shared the two photos above it.  I’ve never really shared a description on the back of my cards, but this year it felt right…

“Merriest of Christmases to all of you! May the God of hope fill you with joy & peace! Romans 15:13

While we have so very much to be thankful for this year that words can’t even express, we also sadly had to say goodbye to our beloved Boozer the Boston. He was our true constant comfort each and everyday and loved us with his whole heart. We were so blessed to have him as part of our family for 15 years, yet continue to miss him everyday.

Wheeler also really wanted the snowy photo to be our Christmas card, so I told her I wouldn’t forget to include it. We traveled to see a little snow earlier this year. Little did we know we’d get a blizzard! Definitely a trip we’ll never forget.”

Sending love to all of you as we remember the true reason for the season.

xoxo, The Browns